Saturday, September 10, 2016

Toothless and Hiccup Babywearing Costume (from How to train a Dragon)

Last Halloween my Daughter we should all go as My Little Ponies. My husband wasn't super keen on the idea and voted on "team" costumes instead. His first idea was that he should be Hiccup and William should be Toothless, from How to Train a Dragon.  While that was a cute idea, I quickly realized it was an opportunity for an epic Babywearing costume. My husband was happy with the change of roles and the work began!


William's Hiccup costume began with purchased brown
leggings and a green long sleeved shirt. I made him a furry vest and booties to finish the look. He also got a non-movie accurate hat, but this is October, at night, in Canada! Hats on babies are not optional

Jason's costume was basically a pimped out black sweater. We made all the features out of foam and hot glued them together. The red section of the tail was printed and then modge-modged to a piece of foam.

Our carrier was the Galaxy Grey Ergo, for which I made a pleather slipcover, to give it the true "saddle" look

How AppleCheeks and the baby bundle are helping me win Pokemon Go!

I confess, I am a pokemom! Yes, I play that silly game, and AppleCheeks are helping me build my pokedex. I get it that these two things seem miles away from each other, but they really do go together.

Many mornings, I admit, I don't get dressed. This leaves me doing my chores around the house with no pockets on my person. But one thing I always have near is a mini-zip. This month The Baby Bum sent me one of their exclusive serendipity mini-zips as part of my Baby Bundle, so it has been my new go-to grab. I am most often wearing a baby carrier, so this gives me an easy way to attach my mini-zip and turn it into a faux pocket.

You may know that a component of the game is to walk kilometres to hatch eggs. Now as a I am running around my house, I am not going to miss out on those steps,  it's not unusual for me to do 1 or 2 kilometres basically going in circles! So I pop my phone in the mini-zip with the game open and go to it!

I guess that proves that I can be a mom, I can be cool, and I can use AppleCheeks for anything!