Thursday, July 28, 2016

Organzing with exclusive swag from The Baby Bum

I may have mentioned in passing that my fabulous husband was awarded the title of "Best AppleCheeks Husband" in the contest run by The Baby Bum last christmas. After months of back and forth to get the design just perfect. Now all that work has come to fruition and I am excited to get things rearranged. My prize was technically the Hobo bag, but they were super nice and sent me a key fob as well! My May Baby Bundle was perfectly timed and brought me the serendipity mamaessentials bag, so everything got a refresh!

First lets start with a little backstory, when I was working through my design concepts with my friend, one became an obvious choice for me. This makes the bag even more special to me and a great way to combine my three loves: Evie, William and AppleCheeks! Each of my kids had their formal pictures taken three times in their first year, Newborn, 6 months and 12 months. For each of these photos they wore the same "signature" colour. It kind of happened as a mistake. Evie wore Raspberry Sorbet for her newborn pictures as it was the only current pink when she was a baby. I don't remember a conscious choice to put her in it for her sex month pictures as well, but with them the tradition was born! She obviously wore RS for her birthday pictures to complete the new trinity. When William was born I knew it was a tradition to follow so I chose Sailor Blue for his signature diaper. Partially because I just freaking love Navy Blue, and just a wee bit because it is so sought after. So when I realized just how special this exclusive could be, there was no turning back.

So let's talk about my new Hobo. My first Hobo bag was from the first red apples run and was the basic model. My new bag is model 2.0 and I love it! It includes two inner pockets which, obviously coincidently, hold a mama essentials on one side and a stuffed mini-zip on the other. I love how I don't have to be constantly digging for my purse when I want to get anything.

The serendipity mama essentials is also the new model, inside is a series of three card slots. Well, since I have the Baby Bum wallet to hold my cards I had to improvise! You know what else they perfectly hold? lipstick! My wallet was always burying my lipstick at the bottom of the bag, now it is right at the top and so perfect.

I am so excited to have this new edition of my day-to-day bag. Not only do they have so much wonderful new meaning, they also have some great upgrades to keep me super organized.

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