Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to tattoo a shirt

We all know those image transfer papers can be so super annoying and expensive, but I have found a cheap and easy way to add a little "branding" to items. Normal temporary tattoos are super easy to find in almost any image you could desire and applying them to any flat fabric is easy as pie.

-cut out tattoo
-something to use as an applicator (popsicle stick)

1.Remove the plastic layer. Apply a generous layer of mode podge to the face of the tattoo and press it onto the fabric.

2.Wait for it to dry
3. Use a wet cloth to wet the back of the tattoo and slide off the paper.

Seriously, that is it! I told you it was easy! My little pirates are very happy with their new outfits, and I hope your kids will be as well.

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