Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mini-zip Mania!

So most of you know that this year has been dubbed the "Year of the Mini-zip". Not only because each release has had a mini-zip released with it, so far this year, but because we have been promised a new mini-zip release for each Mommy Con event. So far we have seen:

First Crush
Unicorn tears
Lemon Zest
Purple Rain
 So that means we are half way through this season and each time the possibilities are decreased. If we look at the history of mini-zip release in chart form, we get:

A good portion of the historical line-up have already been produced in Mini-zip form, I marked these with an AppleCheeks apple. In addition there are lots that I would personally rule out, either because they are the same PUL colour as an existing sac, nearly the same colour as an existing sac (like SB and Believe), they are season colour set (like Joy! or TOC), or because they are a discontinued print. This leaves us with only:
-raspberry sorbet
-dark chocolate
-emerald city
-pink about it
-crazy love
This is not a long list when you consider we still have 4 to go! Now as they showed us with Unicorn Tears, they could come out of left field and bring us a brand new colour for one or more of these releases. Right now UT and the Strip are the only minis available in exclusive colours, but I could go for more!

But if I had to guess which four we might see coming back I would wager on:
-dark chocolate
-Raspberry Sorbet (Just because I am asking pretty please!!!!!)

What do you think the new releases will be?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

April Baby Bundle

Upon opening my April Baby bundle, many people would think the Austin Tie-Dye co bamboo blanket would be the show stopper. But I see past a simple Believe mini-zip to see a true expression of AppleCheeks spirit, brought to me by the co-operation of three amazing companies.

First, let's talk about retailer exclusives. A small selection of retailers have made the commitment to carry an exclusive AppleCheeks colour. This colour only available from that retailer and typically are available in all the sacs and diapers. AppleCheeks exclusives have included:

-Beet it (Lil Tulips)
-Emerald City (SnuggleBugz- retired)
-Serendipity (The Baby Bum)
-Believe (My Lil Sweet Pea)
-Always on my mind ( Nature's Baby Basket)
-Ocean's Playground (Fluffy Bottom Babies)
-Prairie Sky (Tiny Tree Hugger)

Did you see it? Right there in the list is your clue. I have spoken several times, in these monthly posts, about the beauty of Serendipity, which is the Baby Bum exclusive. But this time I have a Believe, which is the exclusive to My Lil Sweetpea, what is up with that? The answer is such a perfect example of the love in the AppleCheeks community. Every one of these retailers is more than welcome, and frankly expected to hoard their precious exclusive and keep it, well, exclusive to themselves. But the ladies at MLSP and TBB have executed a product exchange, which brought both amazing colors across the border. This going above and beyond in the name of sharing the AppleCheeks love to as many people as possible is at the core of the community and I am so proud of these retailers for exemplifying it!

To speak of my mini-zip directly, I am so excited to have a navy mini! I have been building up my stash of Raspberry Sorbet and Sailor Blue, and since neither have actually been made into a mini Believe will have to do! Now I just need to petition for Raspberry Sorbet.

My other item was a Bamboo blanket from the Austin Tie Dye Co., It is super super soft and pretty large. It would make an excellent swaddle, but of course my kids are far too big and wiggly to let me try! I have been making use of it as a scarf so I get to enjoy the feeling on my face all day long.