Saturday, May 14, 2016

Super Easy Super Capes!

As a bit of a change from my normal Princess Dresses, today we are making Super Capes! Evie recently saw the SuperHero  Barbie movie, so she has been requesting an of her own. In every play scenario she always names William as her sidekick, so it was pretty obvious that he needed a cape too, plus they are so easy I knew I could whip them up in a few minutes.

-cotton material (less than a meter)
-seam binding (I chose gold for some real super hero flair!
-fusible paper for some bling! or alternatively you could glue some felt

Step 1:
-create a symmetrical tapering rectangle proportional to the size of the child.

Step 2:
-run the seam binding sround the cape, starting at one upper corner. When you reach the other upper corner leave a long tail to tie.

Step 3:
-starting on the same corner run a second piece across the top and leave a tail on that side too

Step 4:
-cut your design out of the paper/felt and iron/glue it on

Step 1:
-reduce the size to a more superhero-esque shape

Step 2:
-colour with sharpies

Step 3:
-sew seam binding around to finish the edges

Then enjoy the fruits of your labour and watch your kids enjoy!

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