Saturday, May 14, 2016

John Frieda in-shower lightening treatment

My latest voxbox from Influenster was a little different than some of the others I have received, this one was specially chosen for my blonde hair. Normally I highlight my own hair at home, but this was suggested as a way to blend my roots in. I only get time to do my hair a couple of times a year, so this seemed like a quick alternative, to buy me a little time between treatments.

The treatment is done in the shower, which does make it easier, but eventually caused a problem. Once I got the the tab open on the two chambered formula, you just apply it like shampoo, wither on the roots or all over. But then my problems arose. I used it in a small shower and I ended up having to open the curtain to get some air, that stuff is strong! Next time I use it I will definitely choose a more ventilated area.

But there is no denying the results, I think it did indeed fulfill the claims that it would lighten and brighten. Overall I am satisfied with this product and would consider buying it again.

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