Saturday, May 14, 2016

Super Easy Super Capes!

As a bit of a change from my normal Princess Dresses, today we are making Super Capes! Evie recently saw the SuperHero  Barbie movie, so she has been requesting an of her own. In every play scenario she always names William as her sidekick, so it was pretty obvious that he needed a cape too, plus they are so easy I knew I could whip them up in a few minutes.

-cotton material (less than a meter)
-seam binding (I chose gold for some real super hero flair!
-fusible paper for some bling! or alternatively you could glue some felt

Step 1:
-create a symmetrical tapering rectangle proportional to the size of the child.

Step 2:
-run the seam binding sround the cape, starting at one upper corner. When you reach the other upper corner leave a long tail to tie.

Step 3:
-starting on the same corner run a second piece across the top and leave a tail on that side too

Step 4:
-cut your design out of the paper/felt and iron/glue it on

Step 1:
-reduce the size to a more superhero-esque shape

Step 2:
-colour with sharpies

Step 3:
-sew seam binding around to finish the edges

Then enjoy the fruits of your labour and watch your kids enjoy!

John Frieda in-shower lightening treatment

My latest voxbox from Influenster was a little different than some of the others I have received, this one was specially chosen for my blonde hair. Normally I highlight my own hair at home, but this was suggested as a way to blend my roots in. I only get time to do my hair a couple of times a year, so this seemed like a quick alternative, to buy me a little time between treatments.

The treatment is done in the shower, which does make it easier, but eventually caused a problem. Once I got the the tab open on the two chambered formula, you just apply it like shampoo, wither on the roots or all over. But then my problems arose. I used it in a small shower and I ended up having to open the curtain to get some air, that stuff is strong! Next time I use it I will definitely choose a more ventilated area.

But there is no denying the results, I think it did indeed fulfill the claims that it would lighten and brighten. Overall I am satisfied with this product and would consider buying it again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

WOE and Floyd, and organizing with the March Baby Bundle

Well as usual AppleCheeks has listened to their fans, but managed to turn the request into something amazing and surprising! The company has a history of rereleasing older in demand colours, but always with a twist. First Crush is just a little richer and brighter than Lavender Fields and Believe is brighter than Sailor Blue. Notice a theme? Brighter is about the clearest description of Floyd and Watt on Earth you can get!

Floyd is an electrified version of Samoa, making it a bright warm pink. It is very possibly one of my personal favourites as I love love love warm pink and despair of ever owning a Samoa myself! I love that they have taken the opportunity to get so close to my dearly desired colour, but have taken the opportunity to literally amp up the colour! Of course AppleCheeks is know for their off the wall names, and Floyd is no different! Did you see what I did there, Floyd, as in Pink Floyd! Watt on Earth was given the same treatment as Floyd and is a newly electrified version of Appletini. Now if you thought Appletini was bright you have something to see in Watt on earth, it is like it does indeed contain a 100watt bulb. So bright I can't even capture it on my camera!

Now in my March baby Bundle, I was so pleased to receive both these new colours as well as To The Core mini-zips. They came at the perfect time as I was inspired to create a new Grab and Go swim suit system. Each of our kids' swim outfits have been matched up with coordinating mini-zips. Sadly my daughter has outgrown her swim diapers, so her bags only include her swimsuits. But my Son's mini-zips include one rash guard and 2 matching swim diapers, just in case! Now with summer approaching a cute swim outfit is just a grab away for me or for anyone else!