Monday, April 11, 2016

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2016

Were you cloth diapered as a baby? Chances are if you were born before the 1960, you were. Yet now disposable diapers are often seen as the only option for babies, and many never even consider using cloth diapers on their babies, despite the fact that they offer many benefits over their disposable counterparts.

Cloth diapers are:

Economical: A typical baby will wear around $2500 in disposable diapers before potty-learning. A cloth diaper stash can be purchased from around $200 to $1000, and will last through multiple children. Not to mention the cost of clothing ruined by disposable diaper leaks, a problem much decreased in cloth.

Easy: The flats and pins that many associate with cloth diapering and no longer the most common style. Many diapers now involve waterproof covers and absorbent inners. They are very comfortable for baby and almost as easy to put on as a disposable diaper.

Healthy: Cloth diapers do not possess the dangerous chemical agents that are present in all disposable diapers.

Convenient: Whether you collect your diapers in a small trickle or in a large lump, you are sure to always be prepared. You will never be rushing to the store to pick up an emergency box or trying to store huge boxes of diapers, waiting for baby to grow into them.

To help raise awareness about cloth diapering and to encourage the sense of community amongst cloth parents and babies, we will be hosting THE GREAT CLOTH DIAPER CHANGE 2016 on April 23rd in the Rotary room at the Boy’s and Girl’s club. We are asking for a $2 donation at the door, with proceeds to benefit the Real Diaper Association, a charity which provides cloth diapers to children in need.

We will be attempting to break our record of over 8400 diapers changed at events globally in 2014. This year we have 227 registered locations in 19 countries, with 20 locations in Canada alone! This is the 6th anniversary of the change, and the 5th time an event has been held in Saint John. We will also be having a mom to mom cloth diaper sale.

We welcome anyone who uses cloth diapers or who is interested in cloth diapers.  Come and change out of a disposable to signify your new love for cloth diapering! Our registration opens at 10:15 am with the change happening at 11:00 am sharp and we are looking forward to prizes, food and most importantly, companionship.