Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rapunzel Headdress costume

So I am sure most of you are aware of my two year long project of making Princess dresses for Evie. For her Birthday this year I made her Rapunzel and Merida dresses. Though her hair is fairly long hair, she keeps telling me that she will have "Long Rapunzel hair when I a big girl". So I thought I would speed up the process and give her an artificial braid. I did a similar look on her doll last year, but now it was time to upsize it! You can call me the crazy Pintrest Mom, but it is so fun to make something so beautiful with only $10 in supplies. I was lucky enough to find this yarn on clearance, so it just spoke to me! It really looks almost like real life blonde hair, it is just so perfect! I could have gone with yellow yarn to make it more cartoon-like, but the realistic blonde just seemed to fit the theme better.

-70 yards of chunky yarn
-1 headband
-hot glue

-Cut strands of yarn into double the desired length of the braid
-Tie each strand in a single knot along the headband, until you have reached each end
-Split the center strand and use 1 piece of that and both pieces of the next knot to begin the french braid.
-Braid until you complete a half circle and pin it, and repeat on the other side
-Once they meet in the middle combine the two braids and braid it down to the end.
-Clip any scraggly pieces
-Now it is time to decorate, go crazy!

Well you may notice I definitely didn't go crazy, I let my inner Disney-Geek show and attempted to replicate the flower layout as closely as possible. To attempt this pattern you will need :

-large orange/yellow flowers
-small pink flowers
-tiny white flowers
-small purple flowers
-1 large purple daisy

We have a special event to attend tomorrow night, so I am sure Evie will now be the best dress little princess in the audience! Feel free to leave me any questions in the comments, and happy crafting to you all!

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