Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pony headband and tail favours Tutorial

Its that time of the year again! It's almost Evie's Birthday!!!!!!! This year she has requested a Pinkie Pie My little Pony Birthday this year. So of course I am DIY-ing up a storm! So I will share my first new DIY tutorial here today.
I am making the kids favours/dress-up all in one. We have never been a  fan of the junky treat bags that are often given out at parties. A bag of plastic toys and candy is quickly junked around here unfortunately. However my daughter would say that she does enjoy when she receives play jewelry, so she can add it to her mound of stuff! I also feel like they are expensive when you add it up. Even id that pack of 6 rings only costs a dollar, when you have to buy 10 of those little things, you are already high than my costs to DIY sometimes. So I aim for cheap, memorable and worth keeping.
So Evie`s party guests are receiving pony ears and pony tails which they can wear during the party and then take home for future dress-up.

First up is the ears :

-1 headband
-4 foam ears shapes
-4  foam diamond shapes
-hot glue

1.put and upside down "t" shape of glue on the ear and then pinch it together. the diamond in the pinched seam

 glue on the bottom of the ear and then fold the diamond around the headband to touch the point of the pinch. Voila! You are done! 

4.bling or decorate any way you see fit.


-1 sheet of felt -elastic
-hot glue

1 cut long slits up the piece of foam to form a long fringe

2.put a line of glue and the t0p and fold in half, repeat fold in a quarter

3.add a piece of elastic big enough to go around the child.

Done! Wasn't that easy?

Stay tuned for lots of more pony tutorials coming up in the next couple weeks as we get our party prep on!

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