Friday, February 26, 2016

My Little Pony Pinky Pie Birthday Party!

So it happened, my big girl is 4! But frankly much more exciting is that we got to have a 4th birthday party. Evie's love of my little pony started last spring and has burned bright through Halloween, and which was the obvious choice for her party theme. We started working with the basic "My little Pony" Theme, but Evie then requested a cupcake party. Since her favorite Pony is Pinkie Pie, a 'Pinkie Pie Cupcake Party" seemed natural. So was I determined to make her the pinkest, sweetest party ever!

First up is of course the invitations. I used Canva to design a base image, to which I added a Pinkie Pie quote, and sent to be printed. I then added a 3D Pinkie Pie element and some bling.

Next most important is an outfit for the Birthday Girl herself! I tied a no-sew gigantic tutu as a base for the skirt I recycled from her Halloween Costume. I then hacked up a long sleeve t-shirt and added big tulle puff sleeves and a custom transfer, again created by myself on Canva. The finally finishing touch was her own set of super blinged out pony ears.

Evie always makes William her sidekick in whatever game she is playing. William has been given the role of Spike so many times, I knew she would think it was so funny to actually dress him as Spike! I salvaged one of Evie's old sweaters and added felt, foam and a whole lot of super glue, to create a practically free outfit for him.

People will only be pleased at a party if you feed them! I tried to keep with the theme and have only pink food. We served
-Cheese and Cherry sandwiches
-Ham sandwiches
-Pink Chocolate dipped cookies
- (pink) fruit pizza
-(pink) fruit skewers
-Pink Lemonade punch

To keep with the Cupcake theme, the kids decorated their own cupcakes as both an activity and a treat. However I didn't make them share with their parents, when I found this pinkie pie I couldn't turn down the opportunity, and made a plain cake for the adults too.

Now most important, in my opinion, is the decorations! You all know I am a bit of a DIY queen, so I spend months of craft time preparing for these parties. This year I designed the banners (Canva again!) myself and had them printed, before I strung them up. I also decorated with a lot of Tissue Paper globes, which I hung up to imitate balloon bunches, like Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark.

And last of course, I was determined to be the fun mom, so I got a shirt and ears too!

 I hope that some of this tutorial has inspired you, and I cant wait to see the awesome Pinkie Pie Parties it inspires!

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  1. Truly an amazing Pinky Pie Birthday Party! Loved all the arrangements of the party. My niece’s birthday is coming and have reserved one of best party venues in Chicago. Going to have a fairy theme for her special day.