Friday, February 5, 2016

December Baby Bundle

I was so super pleased with my Baby Bundle this month, it was exactly what I wanted! Sarah and the team always manage to send us exactly what we desire month after month, the time and thought put into these bundles does not go unappreciated ladies! It is so pleasant to receive ordered AppleCheeks in the mail, but to receive custom picked surprises really is something wonderful.

I am a sucker for any new AppleCheeks branded item and and this one came at just the right time! I had the bag for about a week, loving it, but waiting for a purpose. Then as part of my New Year's resolution, I needed something to carry all my Yoga gear to yoga class. At our class the teacher sometimes runs out of accessories,and I frankly prefer to use my own anyway, so I realized my new Baby Bum bag would be perfect to bundle up all my stuff!
It is just the right size to hold my:
-and of course my Mamaessentials bag! I never go anywhere without that!

A couple ladies even asked me what AppleCheeks were, just from noticing all the branding on  my items. So not only will people notice your little's cute fluffy bum, you get to brand yourself, thanks to the Baby Bum, and illicit questions while all by yourself (providing that ever happens!)

Also included in this month's bundle was a sz 2 To the Core. William is excited to have the new print, so he can match with his big sister! Plus it is just so freakin gorgeous!

I am so excited to see what comes in next month's bundle. Sarah and her team always put so much thought and effort into each of their designs, it is so exciting to see what they create for us! I have heard on the wind that we have another great custom item coming in the one of the next couple bundles, and I am pumped to mix it up a bit (hint hint ;) )

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