Saturday, February 27, 2016

A unresting kind of rest

So in a moment stupidity I managed to screw up my ankle on Friday, not serious enough to warrant any attention, but enough to keep me off it for a bit. So this has left me mostly confined to my chair for the better part of 36 hours, and I am already a little crazy with it. I commend any person who finds themselves on rest for any greater amount of time, I can imagine how maddening it could be!

So far I have a small collection of observations:

-Why the heck is daytime TV so pathetic! Of course this is compounded that our PVR is full of nothing but kid's shows, and nothing to amuse those around here with any higher sense of taste. I am reduced to watching home improvement and real estate show that I care not a wink for. I get excited whenever I find a good rerun of The Big Bang Theory on, as a half hour respite from the doldrums.

- It is actually pretty easy to play with my big girl while stationary. She is happy to bring coloring or dolls or a
plate of "tea" my way. Not to mention she is keen to help me and take care of me, and will help fetch things if needed.

-My little guy on the other hand is still a force to be reckoned with. He manages to find and destroy so many things in the space of an hour it is nearly impossible to remain stationary. He has little desire to be up unless he is getting some boobie or is taking a nap. Mostly he just go go goes and wreck wreck wrecks! Thank goodness for big sister who is willing to fetch me towels when he manages to dump out a cup of water all over the floor. A cup I thought was high enough, but nothing is every high enough now!

-No matter how much "online" work I think I have in a week, when you try to take care of it all at once, it really still isn't enough to keep you occupied. I can only post so many AppleCheeks posts in a day without being spammy, same goes for the Blog. My Jamberry contacts are most up to date, and of course most of them are out living real lives during the day anyway!

-My husband is a good one. He is pulling most of the weight with the kids, and cleaning and cooking, he even invited guests over this evening. He still tends to me uncomplainingly and in fact babies me, perhaps more than I even need.

So as it comes down to it, I am very glad my ankle is improving quickly, and I can soon give up this "resting". One looks towards such a break as relaxing, but I am sorry to say it quickly becomes tiring and it is no fun. I will be glad to get up and do something about the projects I see around me and participate in the running of the house again.

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