Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Christmas List

The Christmas list; Sadly I do not mean that list which is checked twice by Santa, I mean the one that is checked off once (hopefully) by you. It is that depression inducing to-do list!  I cant speak for other Moms and Dads, but I know that the to-do list of a WAHM is pretty much enough to make you cry around Christmastime.
I mean normally my list is just at the limit of the manageable catagory.  But at Christmas all these other things are added and it kind of explodes. Even though I have made a considered effort to remove some of the everyday triggers in preparation for the new additions, it still leaves one floundering. Though I can at least say that up until this point, my yearly stress induced eye twitch has yet to appear! Though funny enough, I know that the Christmas organization I used to struggle with BK (Before kids, not Burger king), was measly compared with the current levels. I think my body may have learned to adapt!

My average day to-do lists can be broken down into a few categories
1.Jamberry (Which has been so fruitful!)
2. Diaper repairs
3.Preschool council
4.The house
5.The Kids
6.Girl Guides
7.The Blog

but now we can add a big old 8th catagory, Christmas, which is plagued with subcategories like:

f)extra cleaning to make the house suitable for company.

All of this makes for one crazy lady! Thankfully as of right now, I can knock 3 and 6 off my original list, as they are done for the holiday season. As of just this afternoon I can even remove 2, I have called a hiatus on the shop and have finished the last diaper in the house! But I am pretty sure number 8, with all its subcatagories outweigh those, to the 'enth degree. I am trying my darnedest to knock off some of these categories early.  Catagory B, wrapping, is pretty much complete. With the exception of 2 gifts, which refuse to arrive, I think I am done! It is crazy the palatable little bit of relief I get every time that I am able to knock something off!

Anyway, that turned into a bit of a rant, but frankly, I need to get back to that GD list! So time to sign off and get back to it! Solidarity and strength to all you other Moms out there! We will make it through Christmas!

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