Thursday, December 17, 2015

November Baby Bundle!

I am in Sweet Hobo Heaven! Normally when I get fluff mail, it is for the kids. But it is nice to have something all my own! Something that is all AppleCheeks, and collectible, but all mine, mine, mine!

Last Christmas my Husband was wise enough to get me the Hobo bag from The Baby Bum. It quickly became my every day baby bag, I cart that thing everywhere! Its big enough to hold all my kid stuff, toddler clothes, AppleCheeks diapers and all my of other stuff without exploding. You can even squeeze in a carrier if you need to.

Next to come was the Mamaessentials bag, which took the place of a mini-zip, holding all of my Mom stuff for me, within my hobo. I also use it as my clutch purse, for the rare times that I get out of the house without my kids. I also now have the lip balm holder and keychain all in coordinating red apple fabric! Its a good thing my Hobo is lined in solid red, or they might blend right in!

Now in my November Baby Bundle, I received the new Baby Bum wallet! Its a wee bit small for all the things I like to cram in my wallet, but I found the most amazing use! It is the perfect size to hold my Jamberry 7-day challenge samples! I love having another matching piece!

They also sent me a Squeasy bottle, which is used to carry pureed food, like applesauce, on the go. I have yet to convince either of my kids to try it, but I will update you when they do!

Do you think the Baby Bum Creative Team is going to roll out a new custom product for Mama? What do you hope, or wish, would come next?

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