Thursday, December 10, 2015

AppleCheeks Evolution

I am so pleased with the AppleCheeks Evolution release today, and the general expansion of products in the recent months. In the beginning it was just about diapers for babies, a short term product for infancy. We were almost ready too move into an AppleCheeks free zone for Evie, and pass down her legacy to her baby brother.

Then everything changed. First they released the sz 3 diapers. These meet the need for larger toddler, children who wet the bed and special needs children. While Evie learned to use the potty at 2, once her brain shuts down for the night, she has no bladder regulation. Because she wets a large volume, we have to stuff with a lot of bamboo, so the sz 2s were getting pretty snug. Then sz 3s were released and they changed overnight diapering for us. No longer did we have to be extremely cautious of the elastic placement, we could get a great fit, and on the smallest setting! I am so glad to have a product that supports her while her body catches up with her mind, and that is both cute and comfortable. She is 100% happy to put on her diaper overnight, knowing it will keep her dry, and removes it herself upon waking and happily moves to her panties. It is a valuable resource for kids who for various reasons are not able to control their bladders at night.

Also released in the past couple months were the trainers. These are also super valuable to our family! They provide confidence for our family, and the ability to be out of the immediate proximity of a toilet. There are many times you just can't ask a small child to hold it, and expect them to be completely successful. This gives us some time and absorbency until you can reach the toilet. I have already shared my love of the trainers in my review post here.

Today AppleCheeks did not release these products, but rather updated them in the new prints, Out of the Blue and To the Core. This is something the fan base has been asking for since their release and AppleCheeks is always quick to listen to their fans. They are a company who genuinely cares about their consumers and not just their wallets. I am so proud to associate myself with them, and cannot wait to see what they turn out in the future!

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