Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Turtle Centerpieces and Letters

I can't believe little guy is about to be 1 year old! He has been growing do fast and hitting his milestones early, so it shouldn't

be a surprise, but I want to keep my baby! Anyway from the time he was itty-bitty we started calling him turtle. He used to do this thing where he would look down, then push his head up, leading with his chin. Its hard to explain, but it totally looked like a turtle. Much more recently his little chubbiness gets stuck temporarily on his back and has to flail around to right himself, so yet again, Turtle. So for these reasons and more, he has become our little Turtle. Jason suggested that we should have a Turtle theme for his first birthday. I dug around on the  internet and was surprised to find that there is a Turtle First Birthday theme packs available. I mean I love to DIY as much as I can, but I am not making my own plates and napkins and stuff!
Anyway, speaking of DIY I wanted to show you a couple of craft tutorials for my party prep.


When I combed pinterest, I found zero inspiration for a turtle centerpiece, that was not ninja turtles, so I had to invent my own. I brought out my trusty birthday party vases (just check out my history, they have already been used several times!) and set to work. They were smaller than I remembered them, but it still works.

My first inspiration came from these sweet turtle I found at Micheal's, they totally go with the DIY look, but came already painted!

First I added a little decorative sand to simulate the ocean floor, and tucked Mr.Turtle in there.

Then I broke up a couple different aquarium plants to create a better scale with the little guy. I hot glued them into the sand, so let's hope they hold up to being transported!

Wooden Letters

I used the same technique for these letters as I did for William's nursery letters (which I explained here). But then I used some hot glue and popsicle sticks to add little kickstands to them, so they can stand up.

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