Tuesday, October 13, 2015

AppleCheeks Learning Pants

So as most of you know, AppleCheeks have been diligently working on their learning pants for quite awhile, and most of that time we have been waiting with baited breath. Just under a month ago one made its way to us to try! Evie wears a sz 3 or 4 pants (though both with the waist drawn in) and either sz 2 or sz 4 panties (though the 4 are pretty generous) and she fits in a sz medium perfectly.

Evie has been out of daytime diapers for over a year, but still has a small bladder. This means that at home, where she has instant access to a bathroom she does great, and even if we are out and about, but can tell one of us of her need, she makes it no problem. However if she is left with another adult, especially at preschool, she usually hesitates to tell them and gets to absorbed in the play. Thankfully she is long past the puddle stage, but just tends to leak a little until someone escorts her to the bathroom.

This brings us to the perfect use for AppleCheeks Learning pants in our household, they are perfect for when the toilet is not immediately available or usable. If you are in an inconvenient location or on a long drive, they will definitely buy you the time to get to a toilet while still staying dry. I think realistically they could hold more pee than that, but it is very clear that they are not intended to be a diaper. For that reason we use sz 3 diapers at night, because of the sheer volume of absorption needed in our overnight situation.

They are made of a soft soft cotton upper and an absorbent lower portion. The outside is covered with the usual AppleCheeks PUL in either Jem, St. Lucia or Appletini. Inside the pant there is a layer of microterry inside the poly-cotton lining, also included is an optional booster made of the same microterry, which you can also insert into the pocket. Mine agitates out of the wash, but can be reinserted with nimble fingers.

These  Learning Pants would also be a great discrete option for an older child who may be self-conscious about their undergarments. They are thin and discrete, even under skinny jeans, and because of the construction, if the waistband peeks out of the child's pants, they simply appear to be white underwear.

Laundering for us is super easy, because William is wearing AppleCheeks cloth diapers full time, I throw them in with the normal diaper laundry. However the care instructions say they can be washed with clothes if only wet and not soiled. I have dried them both in the dryer (as recommended) and hung out. They do take awhile to dry on the line, but the reason they work is because the are absorbent, right!?

So just like everyone else in the grand AppleCheeks universe, we are super psyched for the release of AppleCheeks Learning Pants! I cant wait for them to arrive in stores, so I can get a few more pair, instead of laundering them multiple times a week, just to have them on hand.

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