Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Serendipity and the August Baby Bundle

What is the real crowing achievement for an AppleCheeks retailer? It is an retailer exclusive diaper! The Baby Bum is now the fourth store ever, to share this opportunity with us. A retailer exclusive is a diaper which is only available from a single retailer, and carries a custom logo tag. I know they are super coveted among collectors, so I can only imagine how exciting it would be for a retailer to be chosen for the program! The lead-up was super intense and very few, if any of us pinned this gorgeous color, it was totally unpredictable!
The Baby Bum has recently brought out their exclusive AppleCheeks diaper, Serendipity and it is gorgeous! A lovely dusky purple that filled an obvious hole in the AppleCheeks color line-up. Not only are they offering it in sz 1 and 2 covers, it is also available in sz 1 and mini-zip sacs, which also have these amazing coordinating zippers! I am super psyched to build my collection with every piece of this awesome release.
Now Sarah was holding onto a great secret as she was preparing this month's baby bundles. She scheduled the release so that our bundles were full of serendipity goodness and sent out right on release day!!! She had this funny little team of packing fairies in on her secret and they worked more like busy bees to pack up all the bundles and release day orders right on release day so we could all get our fingers on this beautiful new collection.

So this month for my Baby Bundle Sarah and her Fairies sent me a sz 1 sac, to add to my obsessive collection and a set of Micro-terry inserts! I am super excited for this addition to my AppleCheeks sz 1 sac rainbow, I just need to get it's friend Periwinkle so I can feel all evened out!

With this absolutely amazing release and subsequent bundle is pretty darn fantastic! I am looking forward to getting our September bundle, but I am not sure this one can be beat. But then I know that Sarah and her fantastic creative team always manage to come up with some amazing new products, and a little birdie told me that we are going to be getting another Baby Bundle exclusive item in September! I can wait to see what it is, do you have any guesses?

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