Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The June Baby Bundle

So the June Baby bundle left us all in suspense as we waited for a brand new "accessory" to be introduced by AppleCheeks and to be included in our Bundle. I love that the creative team knows we are all tugging on the bit for these items, so they just deliver them to our door intuitively!

The new accessory turned out to be Micro-fleece liners. I have definitely heard chatter about people making their own fleece liners, so it is so great to hear that the company is listening to their fans. They are great for using when you need to use a non-cloth friendly diaper cream. These sheets have a low price point, so it wouldn't be too upsetting to see the cream building up on them. They are also fantastic for people who spray their diapers, you can spray just this little sheet without worrying about soaking the inset behind it, thereby saturating it, and possibly damaging the cover in the long run. They are also great if you like to plop poop in the toilet. Instead of carrying a whole solid diaper to the bathroom, you can carry just this little sheet with you and plop it out easily.

She also included a sz 1 sac in the new super cute Parade print! You guys probably remember I am nuts for sz 1 sacs, I use them for absolutely everything, I just packed all my kid's things for a weekend trip in them exclusively. I detailed my love for them in my February Baby Bundle review. I am super glad to have another one, as I am trying my hardest to collect them all! Right now I just need to get Believe to finish my zippered sac collection, and St. Lucia 2 and Periwinkle to complete the drawstring collection (so if anyone has one to sell....). 

I also received a booster, which is super super hand for our overnight stuffing with little guy. We have been using a 2-ply AppleCheeks bamboo insert, 1 flat bamboo booster and 1 boy-fold bamboo booster as our bullet-proof night time solution.

Now I am waiting with baited breath for my July Baby Bundle... Word on the street is it is another exclusive!!!

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