Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disney Animator Collection Dolls part 2

Why does there need to be a part 2 to this post? Would you believe part 1 is one of my highest viewed posts?! Anyway both my knowledge and my collection have grown since then.

We had a huge influx of dolls at Christmas. through my e-baying and the helpfulness of the Grandparents, she got 3, one from each couple. Cinderella and Snow White are first generation e-bay finds and Elsa is a third generation straight from the store. She is my only third generation doll (and her sister is my only second generation) but realistically the only change between the second and third generation of Elsa is the addition of the nose-less Olaf. It took me a second to realize that he must be nose-less because, if you look carefully during the scene at the beginning of the movie, when Elsa first creates him, he doesn't have a nose.

Cinderella and Snow White went through similar generation changes. Cinderella lost her mouse and changed into her ball gown in the second edition and of course they add the hideous glitter glue. In the third addition they added her pink waist ribbon back but kept the hip flounces. Thankfully she lost the glitter and Jaq is back! In her second generation Snow White gained sparkles and a cape and lost her bird.  The third version kept the cape but ditched the sparkles.

Just today another baby arrived for us. She is a first generation Tiana. She was one for which I would definitely not settle for another generation. Second generation has  a hideous glitter on her dress and no Naveen stuffy. The third edition is better, but I really like how the first has an authentic twenties drop waist, and the third has a natural waist, though Naveen is back. I also love the hair of the first generation, it is much cuter than the subsequent ones in my opinion.

You may have noticed I am now talking about a whole new generation this time around. Disney has released the dolls again, learning from some mistakes and making some new ones. The Dolls have all thankfully lost the glitter! They still stay in their ball gowns (booo) but at least they are less gaudy. They all have also been returned their pets, yay! However I have been assured by my Facebook Groupies, that the quality has gone far downhill in the recent editions. Their hair has become seriously thinner and is of a lesser quality, it frizzes out when brushed. Generally a proper collector is advised to head to the secondary market for a fist edition.

Now our collection is close to complete. My DISO is a blue dress Belle.I think the gold dress of the later two editions is eye glaringly ugly. I also want the first edition Pocahontas. I had thought I would be ok with the third edition, but I was recently informed that the hair in the first was miles better, and she seems to have a slight expression change as well. I also am strongly considering getting the new Aladdin, since he is my husband's favourite, and maybe even Tinkerbelle (gasp!).

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The June Baby Bundle

So the June Baby bundle left us all in suspense as we waited for a brand new "accessory" to be introduced by AppleCheeks and to be included in our Bundle. I love that the creative team knows we are all tugging on the bit for these items, so they just deliver them to our door intuitively!

The new accessory turned out to be Micro-fleece liners. I have definitely heard chatter about people making their own fleece liners, so it is so great to hear that the company is listening to their fans. They are great for using when you need to use a non-cloth friendly diaper cream. These sheets have a low price point, so it wouldn't be too upsetting to see the cream building up on them. They are also fantastic for people who spray their diapers, you can spray just this little sheet without worrying about soaking the inset behind it, thereby saturating it, and possibly damaging the cover in the long run. They are also great if you like to plop poop in the toilet. Instead of carrying a whole solid diaper to the bathroom, you can carry just this little sheet with you and plop it out easily.

She also included a sz 1 sac in the new super cute Parade print! You guys probably remember I am nuts for sz 1 sacs, I use them for absolutely everything, I just packed all my kid's things for a weekend trip in them exclusively. I detailed my love for them in my February Baby Bundle review. I am super glad to have another one, as I am trying my hardest to collect them all! Right now I just need to get Believe to finish my zippered sac collection, and St. Lucia 2 and Periwinkle to complete the drawstring collection (so if anyone has one to sell....). 

I also received a booster, which is super super hand for our overnight stuffing with little guy. We have been using a 2-ply AppleCheeks bamboo insert, 1 flat bamboo booster and 1 boy-fold bamboo booster as our bullet-proof night time solution.

Now I am waiting with baited breath for my July Baby Bundle... Word on the street is it is another exclusive!!!

Mr. Rush ahead

So Mr. William is now 8 months old, and life looks a lot different than it did with a 6 month old. At 4 months he started started sitting up, but we hadn't had a lot of progress since then, and then bam! he decided to meet a whole whack of milestones within a couple month's time

First (by a few hours) he popped his first tooth, with very little fuss. Evie was always a moderately good teether, but we had no indication with him at all, until he bit my finger and surprised me. Evie also got her first tooth at 5 months, so we were kind of wondering if he would be Toothless (yet another pet name lol) forever!  His second tooth followed just days later, however we see no signs of the third and fourth coming any time soon. He has only bitten me a couple times, and not super recently, so I am hoping he has gotten the message that biting Mommy is not a good plan for getting fed! He seems to generally be pretty soft hearted though, so hopefully he will be easily deterred.

Later that same day William finally succeeded in pulling up. It was a toss-up which would come first, but dude wanted to get vertical like the big people, even more than he wanted to learn to crawl.

A couple days later he finally got himself moving forward! He had been trying so hard to crawl for months, but never managed any forward movement in the army crawl pose. He would circle the room going backwards, his frustration constantly growing. Now he is a crawling maniac and into everything!

 Just a couple days afterwards he surprised me by grabbing the cover from my sewing machine and heading across the room with it. I was lucky enough to have my phone right by my hand and to be able to capture it real time. I thought it was a one time thing, until he pushed a chair across the room today.

 Finally in the last week or so he has proved his real loyalty and is saying "Mama". Its really only fair that he should say Mama first, since Evie said Dada first, and since he is totally a Mommy's Boy!

So now that I am finished bragging up my fantastic boy, I will throw a little real mom in the mix. In some ways it is so much easier to have him mobile, like it is easier to entertain him, it also kind of sucks! I used to be able to plonk him in front of a bucket of toys and he was pretty much stationary. Now I have to worry about all the things he can eat! Evie's toys are a main worry, and I stupidly bought her a tiny Pony tea set like days before he became mobile! Not only that, my floor has to be spotless or he is guaranteed to find every little morsal and fleck and eat it!

Also, we clearly live in the era of the iPhone as I managed to capture video on almost all of his milestones, so far! Yay for evading the second kid slump, he may actually be better documented than his sister.

How do you deal with your newly mobile kid? Any tips and tricks to keep the floor safe now that there are two kids running around the place?