Thursday, June 18, 2015

Preschool wrap-up

So now it is officially June, and sadly our Preschool year has come to an end :( I think I mentioned in passing that after Christmas we enrolled Evie in a preschool program a couple of times a week. Well, it was probably my favourite decision this year! It gets not only Evie out of the house, but William and I as well out of the house for at least a couple mornings a week. Most days William and I just wander the mini mall or dollar store but, because we chose a co-op preschool, we occasionally stay and have fun!

It is so great for her, and for me, to go out and visit with people our own size and to just get out of the house. All the parents and teachers are so nice and I have a last participating, everyone is sweet and loves to chat and there is a real group parenting mentality. Because we as parents rotate in and out of the classroom, all the kids are happy to ask any of the "tall people" to help with anything, and everyone is always available to any of the kids. If you are elbow deep in play-dough when your kid wanders away, you can be confident that there is someone in the other centres who will help them out there. There is a classroom teacher in place who creates all the curriculum materials and deals with any inter-child situations, and she makes an excellent captain of our collective ship.

I think it is great for Evie to be socializing with theses same kids on a regular basis. I have definitely noticed an improvement in her language skills since she started attending. I haven't noticed her talking with them all that often, but I guess the chattiness of some of her classmates has been a "silent" influence on her. Thankfully her class is made up of rough and tumble boys for the majority. They don't take any guff of her and she is slowly become more aware of her own very physical presence and is learning how to play more gently and not impose her will on her friends quite as frequently.

Not even a week out and I am already missing preschool, after a full day at home, I wake up wondering where we are going, and what we can do for fun! We are spoiled with having a given source of fun and entertainment, I am not original enough to come up with fun on my own! Though I understand the logistics would be terrible, I really wish preschool could last all year! I will really miss seeing all those grown-ups regularly. I will also miss the guilt-free Evie-free time at least once a week. William and I enjoyed a little free out and about time, without Miss Business in tow to keep us on high alert all the time!

I can't wait to get back in the swing of things in September and reconnect with our friends! We are even thinking about enrolling William in the Toddler class when he is old enough in january (how can that be happening!). So while I do not wish the summer away, I am still looking forward to the fall a little bit!

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