Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life with two

Excuse me if this post has more than the average amount of typos in it, because I am not working under ideal circumstances. Right now, I am sitting in my bed with a baby on each side of me engaging in the mythical double nap. So I am slowly picking this out on my iPhone one letter at a time. You know why I am posting in bed? Because I have two kids.
Having two kids is great! Busy, super busy but great! However it does effect you in weird ways. My attention can no longer be focused exclusively on one kid, ever, this is likely why, combined with all my breastfeeding hormones, I have completely lost the ability to concentrate. I swear that if I am current responsible for both my kids (mostly my preschooler) I can't do basic math! Remember that blog post about hyper-vigilance that was floating around before? Yeah, she nailed it! My brain can't get through a long division problem without saying "where's Evie, what is she doing?".
I am going to calm this as my excuse for the slow down in blogging as well. You see Evie has mostly given up naps, and William is just learning to nap by himself. That means that mommy never had time to think in full sentences, let alone write them! By the end of the dag, when we pray that they have both gone to sleep, my brain is so worn down from all the brain buzzing, the last thing I can think about is an inspiring interesting post for all you lovely people.
So here I sit, between my sleeping children, having had a decent nights sleep because William actually slept 8 hours in a row!, trying to do my best. Really isn't "trying to do my best" the moral of the story when you have two littles, You balance what remains of your life with the happiness and safety of your children and just come up with the best combination. We all know something has to give eventually, and keys face it, most of the time it will be use doing the giving-up, but is it worth it? 100%!!! Everyday I will say yes! In a few years I can concentrate and write and pee by myself. But for now I will snatch some sane moments here and there, sometimes   sitting on my bed, typing into my phone, and I will just enjoy the sweet sound of my babies sleeping, Because  in a few years they won't want to snuggle me, or need me close for comfort and safety. One day my brain will grow back, for now I know that my heart has grown twice as big and is taking up some of that room.

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