Friday, April 3, 2015

Snow-Dough party favours

Excuse me while I stand on my soap box for a minute. I think I said it last year, but it bears repeating. KIDS DONT NEED CRAPPY TOYS OR CANDY IN A TREAT BAG. But seriously most of those toys will go in the garbage within a week and fill up the landfills with more dumb plastic, and the candy is definitely not needed either. However I know it is expected, and I know some Mommies are strong enough to just omit the practice entirely, but nope, I give in to societal pressure. However I hope I have found a happy medium by sending home art supplies instead. 

One of the activities at her party was Snow-dough. It is incredibly easy to make and very fun to play with (once you get the bugger mixed up.) 
Just take
-1 part unscented hand lotion
-2 parts corn starch
and mix the dickens out of it, add more cornstarch if it is too sticky or a bit off water if it is too dry.

To save on waste and to drive send the mess to the other parent's houses I made little containers as part of the goody bags.

1. Add a strip of bling ribbon. It makes it pretty and grippy at the same time!

2.Measure out your top and print out a label of the appropriate size.

3.Stick it to some cardstock

and voila! An easy, thematic, pretty party favour!

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