Friday, April 3, 2015

Easy DIY Frozen Birthday Banner

After finding no satisfactory printable Frozen pennant style banner available, I decided it would be easier to just begin from scratch. I had a ton of supplies purchased without an obvious purpose, so I just worked with what I had!

Step 1: Print out your message in a frosty blue using a Frozen inspired font in a nice frosty blue. Also print out some licensed images to serve as the spaces.

Step 2: Cut the pennant shape out of metallic bristol board. Just play around until you get the correct size. I found most templates were too small to be seen from very far away.

Step 3: Layer it up! I attached a purchased foam snowflake to the triangles and placed the letter or image on top.

Step 4: I strung the whole thing on this great floral ribbon I found, Staples made it easy, and they blended well enough with the silver sparkles to almost disappear.

Then you are all ready to string it up and have a happy birthday!

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