Monday, April 27, 2015

The April Baby Bundle!

As I hinted at last month, I got to open my April Baby Bundle early, and so I have really had a chance to fall in love with it already! In my bag I got a set of boosters (great for overnight!) a sample of bum cream, a sample to teething oil (which ran away before I could try it waaaahhh) and of course my Mama-ssentials bag!

Before I got my Mama-essentials bag, my "mom" stuff was in a mini-sip floating around in my hobo bag with all the other storage sacs. It was good at containing the stuff, and I could always find it, I thought I was happy. Then I got the M-E bag. I thought "ok cool, it can replace the mini-zip" and went on my merry way. Little did I know how handy it was going to make itself.

It is go enough to hold all my little things and my wallet, my life and purse was greatly pared down when I became a mom, and this is now all I need!
I have:
-my wallet
-lip blam
-hand cream
-an extra hair elastic for Evie
Not to mention it makes an adorable set with my Hobo and lip balm holder from the February Baby Bag.

It took me about a week to being using the clip off to my advantage. If I needed to run into a store I would previously just grab my phone and wallet or just the card and run in. Then I would have to repack everything once I came out. Suddenly it occurred to me that it would be easier, not to mention more chic, to just unsnap my little bag and be on my merry way. I also adore the big wrist strap. Since I am almost always babywearing I love being able to put it around my wrist and have a free hand and free shoulders.

I hope you loved your April Baby Bag as much as me, and remember as always you can order yours from the Baby Bum. Don't miss out on a month of awesome custom AppleCheeks stuff and all around rainbows and awesomeness in your mailbox!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Snow-Dough party favours

Excuse me while I stand on my soap box for a minute. I think I said it last year, but it bears repeating. KIDS DONT NEED CRAPPY TOYS OR CANDY IN A TREAT BAG. But seriously most of those toys will go in the garbage within a week and fill up the landfills with more dumb plastic, and the candy is definitely not needed either. However I know it is expected, and I know some Mommies are strong enough to just omit the practice entirely, but nope, I give in to societal pressure. However I hope I have found a happy medium by sending home art supplies instead. 

One of the activities at her party was Snow-dough. It is incredibly easy to make and very fun to play with (once you get the bugger mixed up.) 
Just take
-1 part unscented hand lotion
-2 parts corn starch
and mix the dickens out of it, add more cornstarch if it is too sticky or a bit off water if it is too dry.

To save on waste and to drive send the mess to the other parent's houses I made little containers as part of the goody bags.

1. Add a strip of bling ribbon. It makes it pretty and grippy at the same time!

2.Measure out your top and print out a label of the appropriate size.

3.Stick it to some cardstock

and voila! An easy, thematic, pretty party favour!

Easy DIY Frozen Birthday Banner

After finding no satisfactory printable Frozen pennant style banner available, I decided it would be easier to just begin from scratch. I had a ton of supplies purchased without an obvious purpose, so I just worked with what I had!

Step 1: Print out your message in a frosty blue using a Frozen inspired font in a nice frosty blue. Also print out some licensed images to serve as the spaces.

Step 2: Cut the pennant shape out of metallic bristol board. Just play around until you get the correct size. I found most templates were too small to be seen from very far away.

Step 3: Layer it up! I attached a purchased foam snowflake to the triangles and placed the letter or image on top.

Step 4: I strung the whole thing on this great floral ribbon I found, Staples made it easy, and they blended well enough with the silver sparkles to almost disappear.

Then you are all ready to string it up and have a happy birthday!