Monday, March 30, 2015

The March Baby Bundle

Yay! its Baby bundle time again!

The (sort of) exclusive item for March Baby Bundle from the Baby Bum is the AppleCheeks window sticker. They were originally designed for cars, but lots of people have gotten creative with the location of application. Suggestions have included:
-Glass Water Bottle ( I usually used my AppleCheeks Tervis, also from The Baby Bum)
-laptop (I hate my MacBook too much to decorate it)
-tablet (Gotta buy one first!)
-Car (Did it)
So now I am looking for a genius way to use my window sticker, even better if I can see it every day! Where do you think I should put it?

This month's AppleCheeks item (for me) is a sz 2 jem sac. Last month I told you about my love of sz 1 sacs, this month let's talk about sz 2s. The obvious use for them is as a nursery wet bag,  this way they can hold 30+ AppleCheeks diapers. I find that you need 2 to make things easiest, one in the wash and one to use, but I won't tell you how many I have lol! They work best when you leave the drawstring undrawn and let the air circulate, we never get a smell out of our dirty bag

But they are usefully in less expected ways as well. Its not much of a stretch to imagine it as a dirty laundry bag, especially when traveling. Also when the kids travel they both have various bedtime paraphernalia that must be toted along, blankets, pillows and assorted stuffies can reliably travel via sz 2 wet bag.

Now I am super excited to tell you that you will get to see April's Baby Bundle early! Along with my March Bundle a preview package was included, to be opened on the 31st! I bet it is going to be wonderful! Remember you can always sign up to get in on the fun here! I hope you get to enjoy it along with me next month.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A letter of apology from the Pintrest Mom

 Dear the other Moms at the preschool,

I don't know how it happened, but here-by apologize to all the other Moms at the preschool, I didn't set out to be a Pintrest mom and I promise that I am not Pintresting at you! I am not judging your offerings at all, though I admit that I do like it when you admire mine.

I am just the kind of person who needs to create,  I always needed to create, craft, just do something! I guess I am a maker. Even if no one sees it but my family, it gives me purpose and pride to make a thing of beauty. I admit that social media has totally made it worse, it is nice to see something you do get a few "likes" along the way. This SAHM thing, it can be pretty thankless, I know we all feel that sometimes. Of course these kids are our ultimate accomplishment, but guess what? They take 18 or more years to complete, it is nice to get the instant reward of something that only takes 18 minutes. It is also my quiet me time, It is  pretty easy to justify being alone when you are being productive, and just being in that silence is so relaxing!

I am not judging you or comparing things that we send to school. In fact, Mom who sends those yummy looking muffin bars, I think I need your recipe! All this stuff it is about me, not you.  I do admit I really do appreciate your compliments, we all need those positive words! But I don't look down on the things I send. In fact sometimes I see you send a little pintrest project too, and then we get to feel a little kinship of a shared interest.

I am going to keep being "that" Mom, okay? Please just accept me for who I am. Maybe someday we can do a project together and we will all get to have fun and flex our rusty skills, while having a real adult conversation! Whether you are a maker or a store-buyer, just remember we are all in this together, and you've gotta do what you've gotta do, and hopefully you take some pleasure in it along the way!

The Pintrest Mom