Friday, February 6, 2015

The took-took box

When Evie was born she loved to suck but refused anything but a finger. We spent 3 weeks with a finger stuck in her mouth, and were overjoyed when she finally accepted a soother. She loved that soother, and while she was happy without it when she was content, it was absolutely necessary when she was tired.

Why do we call it a took-took? As much as I didn't want to give cutesy names to things, I was not immune to that little sound! When she would suck she made the cutest little took-took-took sound. It started as a verb "are you having a good took-took", "you are just took-tookin' away!". Then it slowly became a noun and the took-took was re-named.

We weaned her down to night and nap about a year ago, however she likes to sneak her took-took when the opportunity arises. If she finds one in a bed, pop! in it goes. If she changes her clothes and spies it on the dresser, pop! in it goes. So now, just before her third birthday, it is time tp put the responsibility in her court. She is now responsible for managing her own soothers and keeping accountable to the sleep time only rule. So we needed a definite home for them when they are not to be used. So we devised the took-took box!

1. I put a pink basecoat on the box myself, and then gave her the opportunity to paint on the details. unfortunately she seemed to be more into colour mixing today!

2. I added some scrap frozen flannel as a lining to make it extra special.

3. Put in the soothers!

Fingers crossed she uses her box and we can knock this habit back into its appropriate place!

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