Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February's Baby Bundle from the Baby Bum

I am so excited to do my first Baby bundle post for you guys!

This month was a very fun bag for me, I knew going in that it was going to include the new exclusive lip balm holder. I was extra psyched about that because I already have the Hobo Bag, so they were a perfect compliment to each other. It is super sturdy and I have no worries that it is going to fall off or break off my bag. Plus the lip balm is super yummy.

The second large item is the one chosen for me :) As many of you know Sarah does her best to customize each bag to the wants of the person. She clearly gets that I have a storage sac obsession! I already have tons of sz 1 sacs, but I have been know to use them all in a single wash cycle.

When I pack my diaper bag for an average day it has at least 5 sz 1 AppleCheeks sacs in it. I bring 2 sacs per kid (1 clean and 1 dirty), and on a good day I colour code them so I can grab them at a glance. Easy combinations include Love Happens/Suddenly Royal/Jem (!!!!!!) for her and WI/Steel Me/St. lucia for him or Delishous for him and Delishmas for her. I also have my wrap in a sz 1 sac, so it really adds up. If it is a swim day we my take another 3 to hold dry and wet swimsuits. So in a single day I could feasibly go through 8! I think that is enough to justify my awesome stash!

Now I noticed that Sarah  and her amazing creative team have already revealed the exclusive for next month's bag, and I am super psyched for it! I think it is perfect timing for spring with my Little Man and will get a lot of use in this climate. If you want to get in on it, just head over to The Baby Bum and you can sign up for a single bag, or for some monthly mailbox love.

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