Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February's Baby Bundle from the Baby Bum

I am so excited to do my first Baby bundle post for you guys!

This month was a very fun bag for me, I knew going in that it was going to include the new exclusive lip balm holder. I was extra psyched about that because I already have the Hobo Bag, so they were a perfect compliment to each other. It is super sturdy and I have no worries that it is going to fall off or break off my bag. Plus the lip balm is super yummy.

The second large item is the one chosen for me :) As many of you know Sarah does her best to customize each bag to the wants of the person. She clearly gets that I have a storage sac obsession! I already have tons of sz 1 sacs, but I have been know to use them all in a single wash cycle.

When I pack my diaper bag for an average day it has at least 5 sz 1 AppleCheeks sacs in it. I bring 2 sacs per kid (1 clean and 1 dirty), and on a good day I colour code them so I can grab them at a glance. Easy combinations include Love Happens/Suddenly Royal/Jem (!!!!!!) for her and WI/Steel Me/St. lucia for him or Delishous for him and Delishmas for her. I also have my wrap in a sz 1 sac, so it really adds up. If it is a swim day we my take another 3 to hold dry and wet swimsuits. So in a single day I could feasibly go through 8! I think that is enough to justify my awesome stash!

Now I noticed that Sarah  and her amazing creative team have already revealed the exclusive for next month's bag, and I am super psyched for it! I think it is perfect timing for spring with my Little Man and will get a lot of use in this climate. If you want to get in on it, just head over to The Baby Bum and you can sign up for a single bag, or for some monthly mailbox love.

Evie turns 3!

I know you guys like party planning, and I know you know that I like it even more! We have now joined the masses who, in the last two years, have thrown a Frozen birthday party. Just like every other little girl on the planet, Evie loves Frozen and of course we have watched it 1 million times, so with the plethora of ideas on Pintrest, it seemed like a natural fit. Speaking of Pintrest, keep watch in the next few weeks as I will be adding tutorials for all my crafts for any of you other DIY party planners. Well, best get to it, I bring you Evie's Frozen Birthday party.

First things first, what is a party without invitations?

I saw a cool pin from Easy where a crafter had created an awesome Anna table display but she wanted $80 for her product. While I am sure she used far superior materials and put in more labour, I wanted to see what I could come up with on a budget. Now of course I had to add an Elsa display as well, no need to play favourites.

Previous years I have purchased digital packs from Easy for my printable, but this year in the name of economy, I tried to make one of my own. I was pretty pleased with the results!

When her Christmas Princess Dresses were such a success, I knew it was inevitable that I would be making her some new dresses for her party. After all, what is a party without a dress? Anna is her favourite character, so that was her official party dress. However just as I predicted, she wanted to put on the Elsa dress as soon as it came out of the box. They are now in everyday rotation and at least one makes an appearance everyday.

The next and most important part of the party is of course the food! Our main offering was finger sandwiches in reference to the lyric "We finish each other's Sandwiches". We also had Olaf noses (carrots), Sven's Antlers (Pretzels), Kristoff's Melted Ice (punch), Elsa's Snowflakes (cookies) and of course the "North Mountain" cake. Which to my great frustration I had to basically decorate twice.

I don't believe in junky and sugary treat bags. Why give children garbage food and garbage toys? Thats a burden, not a present. Anyway, time to get off my soapbox and show you our take-away. Each kid got a jar of snow-dough and a Frozen themed art set.

We all had such a great time and Evie and her friends were so excited to "meet" Anna for real! I felt like it was a real success and worth all the stressing out, and the guests were quick with the compliments. 

Stay tuned and I will be updating this post with all the links to each tutorial as I write them, and as always DIY on!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The took-took box

When Evie was born she loved to suck but refused anything but a finger. We spent 3 weeks with a finger stuck in her mouth, and were overjoyed when she finally accepted a soother. She loved that soother, and while she was happy without it when she was content, it was absolutely necessary when she was tired.

Why do we call it a took-took? As much as I didn't want to give cutesy names to things, I was not immune to that little sound! When she would suck she made the cutest little took-took-took sound. It started as a verb "are you having a good took-took", "you are just took-tookin' away!". Then it slowly became a noun and the took-took was re-named.

We weaned her down to night and nap about a year ago, however she likes to sneak her took-took when the opportunity arises. If she finds one in a bed, pop! in it goes. If she changes her clothes and spies it on the dresser, pop! in it goes. So now, just before her third birthday, it is time tp put the responsibility in her court. She is now responsible for managing her own soothers and keeping accountable to the sleep time only rule. So we needed a definite home for them when they are not to be used. So we devised the took-took box!

1. I put a pink basecoat on the box myself, and then gave her the opportunity to paint on the details. unfortunately she seemed to be more into colour mixing today!

2. I added some scrap frozen flannel as a lining to make it extra special.

3. Put in the soothers!

Fingers crossed she uses her box and we can knock this habit back into its appropriate place!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Introducing the Baby Bum feature!

So I wanted to give you guys a heads up about my newest partnership because I am super excited about it! Every month I will be talking to you about the contents of that month's Baby Bundle subscription service by The Baby Bum!

What is a Baby Bundle? It is the opportunity to have some fluff love delivered to your doorstop every month. You can be first in line for limited editions and TBB exclusives.

Each month you will be shipped an item(s) with a retail value of at least $25. Its an easy way to build your stash with covers, inserts or wipes. Or, a easy way to add a TBB exclusive to your collection.

Do you want to get your hands on some of this awesomeness? Of course you do! Sign up here and you can have a little fluff love in your mailbox every month as well!

As a fun bonus The Baby Bum is giving you the chance to win one of their limited edition, exclusive lip balm holders!

Even more exciting is that I get to help announce that this is just one stop on the road to even more Unicorn awesomeness coming to The Baby Bum very soon!

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