Friday, January 30, 2015

Princess Dresses

So I don't think that it surprises any of you that Evie is a total girly girl and a princess freak. If you check out the posts from her birthday party last year you will see the dress-up Sofia dress I made for the occasion. The thing is in the almost year since, she has worn that dress at least part of the day, almost everyday. Now seeing her love of the costume and her neglect of any cheap polyester costume, an idea hit me for the singularly perfect christmas gift (or rather gifts, I guess). I came up with the idea to make her a whole set of  movie accurate Princess dresses. Call it the insanity of late pregnancy, but I set that high bar and I went with it! However I ended up deputizing my mother to make a couple of the more straightforward dresses to lighten my workload.

The concept was basically to get the dresses as close to movie accurate as possible, while still being playable for a toddler. I also aimed to make as much as I could out of comfy cotton, but to give each of them a little extra something of luxury, for example Sleeping Beauty got a sparkly overskirt and Snow White has a velvet bodice and cape.

I am glad to report that they were a great success! When she opened them on Christmas Morning, she was honestly awestruck. She couldn't believe they were for her, and that she could touch them! She then cycled through all 5 outfits within an hour, it was so cute! She wears one of them most days, seemingly favouring Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. We recently went on a 3 day Snow White streak where she wore it from morning to night.

So I may have dug out my machine again and bought some more fabric. Which two dresses do you think I am making now? Which ones do you think I should make next?

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