Friday, January 30, 2015

Princess Dresses

So I don't think that it surprises any of you that Evie is a total girly girl and a princess freak. If you check out the posts from her birthday party last year you will see the dress-up Sofia dress I made for the occasion. The thing is in the almost year since, she has worn that dress at least part of the day, almost everyday. Now seeing her love of the costume and her neglect of any cheap polyester costume, an idea hit me for the singularly perfect christmas gift (or rather gifts, I guess). I came up with the idea to make her a whole set of  movie accurate Princess dresses. Call it the insanity of late pregnancy, but I set that high bar and I went with it! However I ended up deputizing my mother to make a couple of the more straightforward dresses to lighten my workload.

The concept was basically to get the dresses as close to movie accurate as possible, while still being playable for a toddler. I also aimed to make as much as I could out of comfy cotton, but to give each of them a little extra something of luxury, for example Sleeping Beauty got a sparkly overskirt and Snow White has a velvet bodice and cape.

I am glad to report that they were a great success! When she opened them on Christmas Morning, she was honestly awestruck. She couldn't believe they were for her, and that she could touch them! She then cycled through all 5 outfits within an hour, it was so cute! She wears one of them most days, seemingly favouring Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. We recently went on a 3 day Snow White streak where she wore it from morning to night.

So I may have dug out my machine again and bought some more fabric. Which two dresses do you think I am making now? Which ones do you think I should make next?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AppleCheeks colour chart update

So with the amazeingly gorgeous release of Suddenly Royal my AppleCheeks colour chart is now out of date. So ask and you shall receive ladies and Gents, here is your update! Also included are my personal opinions on the HTF phenomenon, the pyramid of HTF-ness. Stay tuned soon for a full chart of all the AppleCheeks storage sacks ever made!

My life with William at home

I have always heard the old wisdom that the transition from no children to one child is far worse than the transition from one child to two children, and I now agree. Though I have never been a mom to two before, thankfully after the first kid you kind of have it figured out and it comes pretty naturally. Also of course this time you aren't afraid of your newborn!

Of course it helps that William is waaaaaay more chill than Evie ever was, I guess all the in-utero lectures paid off. So long as he is having a good day, he will usually give me a good afternoon nap in his own bed, hallejuah! He also sleeps in his co-sleeper pretty much all night with no complaint. Of course he wakes up frequently to eat, but more on that later. He also has a fondness for his vibrating chair that Evie never possessed, if he is happy he will contentedly hang out in there for a few minutes so I might be able to get something done. Evie was literally attached to me for six months so this chill guy is a bit of a treat.

The only thing of great concern to William is his milk! According to my husbands family, that should be expected with a big boy. He likes to eat at least once an hour and kind of feels like a permanent attachment. But I admit it  isn't too terrible as he can usually be calmed instantly that way.

Consequently he is growing like a weed! At 4 weeks he was 10 lbs even and by 5.5 weeks he was 11lbs 8 ounces. I was astounded when they weighed him as I had guesstimated he might be about 11 by then, I was not counting on a full 1.5 pounds in two weeks. He is also 2 feet tall which puts him in the 97% for height.  He is clearly just following in his father's footsteps but it makes it terrible to keep him in clothes! We have already blown through the 0 mns clothes and are swiftly making it out of the 3mn ones as well.

Evie likes having he little brother at home, she is often sweet to him, but most often she just ignores him. I do think she is feeling the stress of sharing my attention. She was used to me being able to respond to her immediately and help as soon as she needed me. Now I often have William in my arms or on my lap and she needs to come to me. I often feel her ramping up as the day goes on, but fortunately Daddy makes an effort to pay her special attention and to wear off her energy when he gets home.

How I use my Keurig 2.0

Just when my cheapo no name coffee cup maker was about to bite the biscuit the Keurig 2.0 500 was released and with the help of inflenster made it's way to my house. What an upgrade I was super excited! People perceive keurig as simply a vehicle for a single cup of coffee, but there are some other cool things to do with it.

My favourite thing to make is Iced Tea, it really helps me with my daily water intake. I brew a Lipton peach or raspberry Iced Tea cup into a glass, then I split it into two glasses because I find the taste too strong. Finally add a tray of ice and you have a yummy hydrating drink.

Of course new with the new Keurig 2.0 is the ability to brew a pot of coffee. I was a little curious about how it works and yes it is a bigger cup! The carafe locks in the place of a cup and you are good to go. This was really handy for us on Christmas morning to serve all the Graparents who wanted to witness the present chaos. 

So next time you are wondering if you need a one-cup coffee machine remember that the keurig 2.0 is more than that and can do more than coffee!