Thursday, December 17, 2015

November Baby Bundle!

I am in Sweet Hobo Heaven! Normally when I get fluff mail, it is for the kids. But it is nice to have something all my own! Something that is all AppleCheeks, and collectible, but all mine, mine, mine!

Last Christmas my Husband was wise enough to get me the Hobo bag from The Baby Bum. It quickly became my every day baby bag, I cart that thing everywhere! Its big enough to hold all my kid stuff, toddler clothes, AppleCheeks diapers and all my of other stuff without exploding. You can even squeeze in a carrier if you need to.

Next to come was the Mamaessentials bag, which took the place of a mini-zip, holding all of my Mom stuff for me, within my hobo. I also use it as my clutch purse, for the rare times that I get out of the house without my kids. I also now have the lip balm holder and keychain all in coordinating red apple fabric! Its a good thing my Hobo is lined in solid red, or they might blend right in!

Now in my November Baby Bundle, I received the new Baby Bum wallet! Its a wee bit small for all the things I like to cram in my wallet, but I found the most amazing use! It is the perfect size to hold my Jamberry 7-day challenge samples! I love having another matching piece!

They also sent me a Squeasy bottle, which is used to carry pureed food, like applesauce, on the go. I have yet to convince either of my kids to try it, but I will update you when they do!

Do you think the Baby Bum Creative Team is going to roll out a new custom product for Mama? What do you hope, or wish, would come next?

The Christmas List

The Christmas list; Sadly I do not mean that list which is checked twice by Santa, I mean the one that is checked off once (hopefully) by you. It is that depression inducing to-do list!  I cant speak for other Moms and Dads, but I know that the to-do list of a WAHM is pretty much enough to make you cry around Christmastime.
I mean normally my list is just at the limit of the manageable catagory.  But at Christmas all these other things are added and it kind of explodes. Even though I have made a considered effort to remove some of the everyday triggers in preparation for the new additions, it still leaves one floundering. Though I can at least say that up until this point, my yearly stress induced eye twitch has yet to appear! Though funny enough, I know that the Christmas organization I used to struggle with BK (Before kids, not Burger king), was measly compared with the current levels. I think my body may have learned to adapt!

My average day to-do lists can be broken down into a few categories
1.Jamberry (Which has been so fruitful!)
2. Diaper repairs
3.Preschool council
4.The house
5.The Kids
6.Girl Guides
7.The Blog

but now we can add a big old 8th catagory, Christmas, which is plagued with subcategories like:

f)extra cleaning to make the house suitable for company.

All of this makes for one crazy lady! Thankfully as of right now, I can knock 3 and 6 off my original list, as they are done for the holiday season. As of just this afternoon I can even remove 2, I have called a hiatus on the shop and have finished the last diaper in the house! But I am pretty sure number 8, with all its subcatagories outweigh those, to the 'enth degree. I am trying my darnedest to knock off some of these categories early.  Catagory B, wrapping, is pretty much complete. With the exception of 2 gifts, which refuse to arrive, I think I am done! It is crazy the palatable little bit of relief I get every time that I am able to knock something off!

Anyway, that turned into a bit of a rant, but frankly, I need to get back to that GD list! So time to sign off and get back to it! Solidarity and strength to all you other Moms out there! We will make it through Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

AppleCheeks Evolution

I am so pleased with the AppleCheeks Evolution release today, and the general expansion of products in the recent months. In the beginning it was just about diapers for babies, a short term product for infancy. We were almost ready too move into an AppleCheeks free zone for Evie, and pass down her legacy to her baby brother.

Then everything changed. First they released the sz 3 diapers. These meet the need for larger toddler, children who wet the bed and special needs children. While Evie learned to use the potty at 2, once her brain shuts down for the night, she has no bladder regulation. Because she wets a large volume, we have to stuff with a lot of bamboo, so the sz 2s were getting pretty snug. Then sz 3s were released and they changed overnight diapering for us. No longer did we have to be extremely cautious of the elastic placement, we could get a great fit, and on the smallest setting! I am so glad to have a product that supports her while her body catches up with her mind, and that is both cute and comfortable. She is 100% happy to put on her diaper overnight, knowing it will keep her dry, and removes it herself upon waking and happily moves to her panties. It is a valuable resource for kids who for various reasons are not able to control their bladders at night.

Also released in the past couple months were the trainers. These are also super valuable to our family! They provide confidence for our family, and the ability to be out of the immediate proximity of a toilet. There are many times you just can't ask a small child to hold it, and expect them to be completely successful. This gives us some time and absorbency until you can reach the toilet. I have already shared my love of the trainers in my review post here.

Today AppleCheeks did not release these products, but rather updated them in the new prints, Out of the Blue and To the Core. This is something the fan base has been asking for since their release and AppleCheeks is always quick to listen to their fans. They are a company who genuinely cares about their consumers and not just their wallets. I am so proud to associate myself with them, and cannot wait to see what they turn out in the future!

October Baby Bundle and sizing up!

For October The Baby Bum sent me a sz 2 of their exclusive diaper, Serendipity. Yes a sz 2, waaaahhhhh my baby boy has sized up, with little hope of hope of going back! He has always been a rather chunky baby, and I can't see this pattern changing any time soon.

When Evie was a baby, she spent the majority of her time in a sz 1. She wore them from birth to 6 months, when he thunder thighs outgrew the elastics. After a short run in sz 2s, she started to slim out, burning off her calories learning to walk, and around 11 months we moved her back down. She then wore those sz 2s until she was almost 2 years old.

William on the other hand, moved out of his sz 1s around 8 months,  due to his thighs as well! But even though he started walking soon after that, his thighs have not changed. He has been pretty consistently on the first set of snaps, but I don't think he would fit in one comfortably.

This is why it is so difficult to guess when a child may move up in AppleCheeks sizes. Age, weight, or even size can vary so much between children, that one cannot stand as a guide for others. Though the diapers come with suggested weights, 7-20 and 16-35 lbs, you notice they overlap significantly. I am sure this is because those wise ladies know that there is no way to guess just how diapers will fit on any particular child.

I always recommend that, when in doubt, buy both sizes to try! If size 2 is too large, then put it aside for the future, there is a very good chance they will grow into it, sooner rather than later. If the sz 1 is too small, then you have a perfect baby shower gift for a friend, so you can spread the AppleCheeks love to a new Mama.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

AppleCheeks Learning Pants

So as most of you know, AppleCheeks have been diligently working on their learning pants for quite awhile, and most of that time we have been waiting with baited breath. Just under a month ago one made its way to us to try! Evie wears a sz 3 or 4 pants (though both with the waist drawn in) and either sz 2 or sz 4 panties (though the 4 are pretty generous) and she fits in a sz medium perfectly.

Evie has been out of daytime diapers for over a year, but still has a small bladder. This means that at home, where she has instant access to a bathroom she does great, and even if we are out and about, but can tell one of us of her need, she makes it no problem. However if she is left with another adult, especially at preschool, she usually hesitates to tell them and gets to absorbed in the play. Thankfully she is long past the puddle stage, but just tends to leak a little until someone escorts her to the bathroom.

This brings us to the perfect use for AppleCheeks Learning pants in our household, they are perfect for when the toilet is not immediately available or usable. If you are in an inconvenient location or on a long drive, they will definitely buy you the time to get to a toilet while still staying dry. I think realistically they could hold more pee than that, but it is very clear that they are not intended to be a diaper. For that reason we use sz 3 diapers at night, because of the sheer volume of absorption needed in our overnight situation.

They are made of a soft soft cotton upper and an absorbent lower portion. The outside is covered with the usual AppleCheeks PUL in either Jem, St. Lucia or Appletini. Inside the pant there is a layer of microterry inside the poly-cotton lining, also included is an optional booster made of the same microterry, which you can also insert into the pocket. Mine agitates out of the wash, but can be reinserted with nimble fingers.

These  Learning Pants would also be a great discrete option for an older child who may be self-conscious about their undergarments. They are thin and discrete, even under skinny jeans, and because of the construction, if the waistband peeks out of the child's pants, they simply appear to be white underwear.

Laundering for us is super easy, because William is wearing AppleCheeks cloth diapers full time, I throw them in with the normal diaper laundry. However the care instructions say they can be washed with clothes if only wet and not soiled. I have dried them both in the dryer (as recommended) and hung out. They do take awhile to dry on the line, but the reason they work is because the are absorbent, right!?

So just like everyone else in the grand AppleCheeks universe, we are super psyched for the release of AppleCheeks Learning Pants! I cant wait for them to arrive in stores, so I can get a few more pair, instead of laundering them multiple times a week, just to have them on hand.

Turtle Centerpieces and Letters

I can't believe little guy is about to be 1 year old! He has been growing do fast and hitting his milestones early, so it shouldn't

be a surprise, but I want to keep my baby! Anyway from the time he was itty-bitty we started calling him turtle. He used to do this thing where he would look down, then push his head up, leading with his chin. Its hard to explain, but it totally looked like a turtle. Much more recently his little chubbiness gets stuck temporarily on his back and has to flail around to right himself, so yet again, Turtle. So for these reasons and more, he has become our little Turtle. Jason suggested that we should have a Turtle theme for his first birthday. I dug around on the  internet and was surprised to find that there is a Turtle First Birthday theme packs available. I mean I love to DIY as much as I can, but I am not making my own plates and napkins and stuff!
Anyway, speaking of DIY I wanted to show you a couple of craft tutorials for my party prep.


When I combed pinterest, I found zero inspiration for a turtle centerpiece, that was not ninja turtles, so I had to invent my own. I brought out my trusty birthday party vases (just check out my history, they have already been used several times!) and set to work. They were smaller than I remembered them, but it still works.

My first inspiration came from these sweet turtle I found at Micheal's, they totally go with the DIY look, but came already painted!

First I added a little decorative sand to simulate the ocean floor, and tucked Mr.Turtle in there.

Then I broke up a couple different aquarium plants to create a better scale with the little guy. I hot glued them into the sand, so let's hope they hold up to being transported!

Wooden Letters

I used the same technique for these letters as I did for William's nursery letters (which I explained here). But then I used some hot glue and popsicle sticks to add little kickstands to them, so they can stand up.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Serendipity and the August Baby Bundle

What is the real crowing achievement for an AppleCheeks retailer? It is an retailer exclusive diaper! The Baby Bum is now the fourth store ever, to share this opportunity with us. A retailer exclusive is a diaper which is only available from a single retailer, and carries a custom logo tag. I know they are super coveted among collectors, so I can only imagine how exciting it would be for a retailer to be chosen for the program! The lead-up was super intense and very few, if any of us pinned this gorgeous color, it was totally unpredictable!
The Baby Bum has recently brought out their exclusive AppleCheeks diaper, Serendipity and it is gorgeous! A lovely dusky purple that filled an obvious hole in the AppleCheeks color line-up. Not only are they offering it in sz 1 and 2 covers, it is also available in sz 1 and mini-zip sacs, which also have these amazing coordinating zippers! I am super psyched to build my collection with every piece of this awesome release.
Now Sarah was holding onto a great secret as she was preparing this month's baby bundles. She scheduled the release so that our bundles were full of serendipity goodness and sent out right on release day!!! She had this funny little team of packing fairies in on her secret and they worked more like busy bees to pack up all the bundles and release day orders right on release day so we could all get our fingers on this beautiful new collection.

So this month for my Baby Bundle Sarah and her Fairies sent me a sz 1 sac, to add to my obsessive collection and a set of Micro-terry inserts! I am super excited for this addition to my AppleCheeks sz 1 sac rainbow, I just need to get it's friend Periwinkle so I can feel all evened out!

With this absolutely amazing release and subsequent bundle is pretty darn fantastic! I am looking forward to getting our September bundle, but I am not sure this one can be beat. But then I know that Sarah and her fantastic creative team always manage to come up with some amazing new products, and a little birdie told me that we are going to be getting another Baby Bundle exclusive item in September! I can wait to see what it is, do you have any guesses?

Back to School!

I admit it, I am a little gushy! I was sooooooo excited to get back to preschool after two months of being off, and at home, most of the time. We really love going to preschool, just to get Evie out with other short people, and getting myself out with other tall people. Whether I am staying to participate and making friends with the other adults, or just having time to  go run a couple errand with only William, it is a really freeing.

All summer Evie was asking to go back to school, and with every piece of school paraphernalia

we picked up her desire intensified. Every couple days (mostly when she was bored) she would ask me when she was going to go back.  I know she missed her friends and the stimulation of her days in class, nothing compares to 15 of her peers running around!

This year I am also on the board of the preschool, so that is kind of fun, and a huge responsibility. It is nice to be "in the know" and to have a little say in things, but I still kind of feel like the little kid at the table. Maybe one of these years I will feel like an adult! It s a bit of a challenge schedule wise, but I think it is for the best.

Evie started preschool next week with a half class on Monday, it was kind of crazy with all the parent and all the kids present, but we were still so happy to be back! Since then we have had two classes, one in which I participated, but it does feel back to normal! Though I do notice a small difference, this year it seems like the kids are so young! Now last year we didn't start until mid year and every one else was accustomed to the program, so she felt young. This year Evie is the oldest in the class instead of the youngest, so the comparison is completely skewed. However I give it a few weeks and I think it will level out much the same.

Last year William was a tiny baby and was welcomed into the school which worn. He knew the routine and would pretty much just pass right out. However he never liked it when I would sit down or stop moving, so that unfortunately meant that I couldn't get as deeply into the play as I would have liked. This year he is mobile and busy, so it is not appropriate for him to come most of the time. William did come with me to the first mini-class and he passed out as was his habit, but he did not get to come on my first participation day. I was really

Her first days proceeded completely typically, Evie is her usual curious and independent self she immediately jumped right in and began to play with the other kids,  no need for formal introductions for this girl! I have a feeling we will make great friends in this new class, just like we did last year.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Digital currency is failing our children

Lately we have been allowing Evie to have money. She thinks it is fun and collectable and she loves to feel grown-up. One day I took her to the store and she selected a doll (She was adamant from the time that we left the house that she wanted an Anna doll), and then we wheeled up to a check-out manned by a young man. Evie began taking her coins out one by one and lining them up in groups by coin type (don't worry there wasn't anyone else behind us to annoy!) and you could almost see the attendant panicking. He got so far as to say "Maybe it would be easier if you gave your mom..." before he saw sense and stopped himself. He then tried to add up the coins and got lost, so I quickly counted them up for him (for the majority they were toonies and loonies) and we checked out, but the experience really got me thinking.

How often do you carry cash? Not that often right? You understand money is a tangible and finite thing, and that your debit or credit card is just a representative of that object. However what about our kids? All they see is us sticking a piece of plastic in a machine and walking away. What a difficult thing to grasp without a physical object to see. No wonder we have such a problem with Credit Card debt as a society! It is magic money! You don't need to have anything in your hand when you pay, and you seem to walk away with exactly what you approached with, but with a new shiny toy!

How poorly this reflects on our younger generation! No longer do they see money as something they can add up piece by piece, but just a final tally on a bank report, and sometimes that is a negative total, though they care not! I was raised on the cusp of the plastic generation, but it is nothing compared to the utter lack of tangible money, that this generation has to comprehend. What a great handicap we have given them as an inheritance. Not only can they not perceive money, their ability to count money has atrophied to a glacial pace, when it can be added up at all! Though it is taught in school, the credit card generation has no occasion to flex these muscles.

I dont pretend that Evie is anywhere near old enough to understand money. But we are trying to take baby steps in that direction. Evie now understands that if she wants to take home a toy or book, she has to leave behind her money. The first few times we let her pay she assumed the cashier was going to return her money, and it was a hard lesson to learn. But she now knows that she cannot get something for nothing, and you must have the money to purchase something.

So is this something we can remedy. I certainly would never advocate for the removal of the digital money exchange systems, I think we also need to support the physical monetary system for the good of comprehension of the realities of spending and the awareness of the final nature of ones finances.

July Baby Bundle

Well July has come and gone, and she of course brought with her another Baby Bundle! It is so nice to know that you have guaranteed fluffy mail coming your way every month, and it is even more fun that it is a surprise!
This month Sarah and her creative team have given another amazing exclusive to her loyal subscribers, this time they have brought us a perfectly timed lanyard! I picture how perfect these would be for a teacher returning to the classroom, what a nice way to bring a little Peace Love AppleCheeks to the workplace! Similarly they would be super handy for nurses, business people, key holders, there are tons of jobs out there that require a lanyard, and why not have it be such a cute one, which reminds you of such awesome people. Others have suggested it is a great way to keep track of your keys in that ever consuming baby bag or you can use it to display both your nametag and AppleCheeks obsession all at once! I have not yet come up with a good way to wear mine, so I am leaving it enshrined until I can do it justice.

She also included this Crazy Rumours Orange Juice lip balm. The smell is absolutely insanely yummy, just like a creamsicle, but sadly the taste is a little underwhelming, so I am just going to sit here and smell my lips. I think it is pretty cool, but William is totally obsessed, he just wants to steal it from me and chew on the (capped) tube, Dude! Unsafe toy!

Last but never least, I got another set of stay-dry AppleCheeks boosters. They work great as part of our nighttime stuffing solution for William, or as just a wee bit more absorbency if you need to get just a little more time out of your diaper.

I am super pumped about the upcoming August bundle. Most of you probably know that The Baby Bum recently released their gorgeous exclusive Serendipity diaper! I am excited to see if I get a sac or a cover in this amazing new colour!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disney Animator Collection Dolls part 2

Why does there need to be a part 2 to this post? Would you believe part 1 is one of my highest viewed posts?! Anyway both my knowledge and my collection have grown since then.

We had a huge influx of dolls at Christmas. through my e-baying and the helpfulness of the Grandparents, she got 3, one from each couple. Cinderella and Snow White are first generation e-bay finds and Elsa is a third generation straight from the store. She is my only third generation doll (and her sister is my only second generation) but realistically the only change between the second and third generation of Elsa is the addition of the nose-less Olaf. It took me a second to realize that he must be nose-less because, if you look carefully during the scene at the beginning of the movie, when Elsa first creates him, he doesn't have a nose.

Cinderella and Snow White went through similar generation changes. Cinderella lost her mouse and changed into her ball gown in the second edition and of course they add the hideous glitter glue. In the third addition they added her pink waist ribbon back but kept the hip flounces. Thankfully she lost the glitter and Jaq is back! In her second generation Snow White gained sparkles and a cape and lost her bird.  The third version kept the cape but ditched the sparkles.

Just today another baby arrived for us. She is a first generation Tiana. She was one for which I would definitely not settle for another generation. Second generation has  a hideous glitter on her dress and no Naveen stuffy. The third edition is better, but I really like how the first has an authentic twenties drop waist, and the third has a natural waist, though Naveen is back. I also love the hair of the first generation, it is much cuter than the subsequent ones in my opinion.

You may have noticed I am now talking about a whole new generation this time around. Disney has released the dolls again, learning from some mistakes and making some new ones. The Dolls have all thankfully lost the glitter! They still stay in their ball gowns (booo) but at least they are less gaudy. They all have also been returned their pets, yay! However I have been assured by my Facebook Groupies, that the quality has gone far downhill in the recent editions. Their hair has become seriously thinner and is of a lesser quality, it frizzes out when brushed. Generally a proper collector is advised to head to the secondary market for a fist edition.

Now our collection is close to complete. My DISO is a blue dress Belle.I think the gold dress of the later two editions is eye glaringly ugly. I also want the first edition Pocahontas. I had thought I would be ok with the third edition, but I was recently informed that the hair in the first was miles better, and she seems to have a slight expression change as well. I also am strongly considering getting the new Aladdin, since he is my husband's favourite, and maybe even Tinkerbelle (gasp!).

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The June Baby Bundle

So the June Baby bundle left us all in suspense as we waited for a brand new "accessory" to be introduced by AppleCheeks and to be included in our Bundle. I love that the creative team knows we are all tugging on the bit for these items, so they just deliver them to our door intuitively!

The new accessory turned out to be Micro-fleece liners. I have definitely heard chatter about people making their own fleece liners, so it is so great to hear that the company is listening to their fans. They are great for using when you need to use a non-cloth friendly diaper cream. These sheets have a low price point, so it wouldn't be too upsetting to see the cream building up on them. They are also fantastic for people who spray their diapers, you can spray just this little sheet without worrying about soaking the inset behind it, thereby saturating it, and possibly damaging the cover in the long run. They are also great if you like to plop poop in the toilet. Instead of carrying a whole solid diaper to the bathroom, you can carry just this little sheet with you and plop it out easily.

She also included a sz 1 sac in the new super cute Parade print! You guys probably remember I am nuts for sz 1 sacs, I use them for absolutely everything, I just packed all my kid's things for a weekend trip in them exclusively. I detailed my love for them in my February Baby Bundle review. I am super glad to have another one, as I am trying my hardest to collect them all! Right now I just need to get Believe to finish my zippered sac collection, and St. Lucia 2 and Periwinkle to complete the drawstring collection (so if anyone has one to sell....). 

I also received a booster, which is super super hand for our overnight stuffing with little guy. We have been using a 2-ply AppleCheeks bamboo insert, 1 flat bamboo booster and 1 boy-fold bamboo booster as our bullet-proof night time solution.

Now I am waiting with baited breath for my July Baby Bundle... Word on the street is it is another exclusive!!!

Mr. Rush ahead

So Mr. William is now 8 months old, and life looks a lot different than it did with a 6 month old. At 4 months he started started sitting up, but we hadn't had a lot of progress since then, and then bam! he decided to meet a whole whack of milestones within a couple month's time

First (by a few hours) he popped his first tooth, with very little fuss. Evie was always a moderately good teether, but we had no indication with him at all, until he bit my finger and surprised me. Evie also got her first tooth at 5 months, so we were kind of wondering if he would be Toothless (yet another pet name lol) forever!  His second tooth followed just days later, however we see no signs of the third and fourth coming any time soon. He has only bitten me a couple times, and not super recently, so I am hoping he has gotten the message that biting Mommy is not a good plan for getting fed! He seems to generally be pretty soft hearted though, so hopefully he will be easily deterred.

Later that same day William finally succeeded in pulling up. It was a toss-up which would come first, but dude wanted to get vertical like the big people, even more than he wanted to learn to crawl.

A couple days later he finally got himself moving forward! He had been trying so hard to crawl for months, but never managed any forward movement in the army crawl pose. He would circle the room going backwards, his frustration constantly growing. Now he is a crawling maniac and into everything!

 Just a couple days afterwards he surprised me by grabbing the cover from my sewing machine and heading across the room with it. I was lucky enough to have my phone right by my hand and to be able to capture it real time. I thought it was a one time thing, until he pushed a chair across the room today.

 Finally in the last week or so he has proved his real loyalty and is saying "Mama". Its really only fair that he should say Mama first, since Evie said Dada first, and since he is totally a Mommy's Boy!

So now that I am finished bragging up my fantastic boy, I will throw a little real mom in the mix. In some ways it is so much easier to have him mobile, like it is easier to entertain him, it also kind of sucks! I used to be able to plonk him in front of a bucket of toys and he was pretty much stationary. Now I have to worry about all the things he can eat! Evie's toys are a main worry, and I stupidly bought her a tiny Pony tea set like days before he became mobile! Not only that, my floor has to be spotless or he is guaranteed to find every little morsal and fleck and eat it!

Also, we clearly live in the era of the iPhone as I managed to capture video on almost all of his milestones, so far! Yay for evading the second kid slump, he may actually be better documented than his sister.

How do you deal with your newly mobile kid? Any tips and tricks to keep the floor safe now that there are two kids running around the place?

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Preschool wrap-up

So now it is officially June, and sadly our Preschool year has come to an end :( I think I mentioned in passing that after Christmas we enrolled Evie in a preschool program a couple of times a week. Well, it was probably my favourite decision this year! It gets not only Evie out of the house, but William and I as well out of the house for at least a couple mornings a week. Most days William and I just wander the mini mall or dollar store but, because we chose a co-op preschool, we occasionally stay and have fun!

It is so great for her, and for me, to go out and visit with people our own size and to just get out of the house. All the parents and teachers are so nice and I have a last participating, everyone is sweet and loves to chat and there is a real group parenting mentality. Because we as parents rotate in and out of the classroom, all the kids are happy to ask any of the "tall people" to help with anything, and everyone is always available to any of the kids. If you are elbow deep in play-dough when your kid wanders away, you can be confident that there is someone in the other centres who will help them out there. There is a classroom teacher in place who creates all the curriculum materials and deals with any inter-child situations, and she makes an excellent captain of our collective ship.

I think it is great for Evie to be socializing with theses same kids on a regular basis. I have definitely noticed an improvement in her language skills since she started attending. I haven't noticed her talking with them all that often, but I guess the chattiness of some of her classmates has been a "silent" influence on her. Thankfully her class is made up of rough and tumble boys for the majority. They don't take any guff of her and she is slowly become more aware of her own very physical presence and is learning how to play more gently and not impose her will on her friends quite as frequently.

Not even a week out and I am already missing preschool, after a full day at home, I wake up wondering where we are going, and what we can do for fun! We are spoiled with having a given source of fun and entertainment, I am not original enough to come up with fun on my own! Though I understand the logistics would be terrible, I really wish preschool could last all year! I will really miss seeing all those grown-ups regularly. I will also miss the guilt-free Evie-free time at least once a week. William and I enjoyed a little free out and about time, without Miss Business in tow to keep us on high alert all the time!

I can't wait to get back in the swing of things in September and reconnect with our friends! We are even thinking about enrolling William in the Toddler class when he is old enough in january (how can that be happening!). So while I do not wish the summer away, I am still looking forward to the fall a little bit!

May Baby Bundle

It was a warm spring day when the Smith Family set out on their latest quest. J. Montana Smith had been called away on a super secret mission in an unknown location, so Erin and the kids were tackling this last one on their own. They were on a mission to find the hidden Baby Bundle!
So Jr explorer and Erin set out on their quest, with Baby explorer in tow. They crossed vast grasslands and dodged vehicles and even had a near encounter with a miniature tiger! Eventually they arrived at the Vault of Mail and were able to recover The Baby Bundle. But it was sealed in a nearly impenetrable container! However once we returned back home, Jr explorer was able to free the artifacts from their container, and now they are available for all to enjoy!


Our May Baby Bundle came with some swag for the non-AppleCheeks wearing contingent of the household. As much fun as it is to get another AppleCheeks item for William, it is always great to spread the love around! Evie and I each got a Knot headband in the The Baby Bum custom printed Rainbow AppleCheeks logo printed fabric. Now we get to play matchy-matchy and rep our favourite brand, all at once!
There once was a time I wore headbands quite frequently, but I somehow fell out of the habit.  Now that we are living the BabyWearing lifestyle, a side braid has become a staple hair-do, in a effort to keep my hair out of little pinch fingers. I discovered that hairband make perfect finishing touch to a hairstyle that sometimes still needs a little something. Of course Evie is completely enamoured of the idea of being "like Mommy" so she loves when we can wear our hairbands at the same time and match each other.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Post Safari AppleCheeks colour chart.

As we all know AppleCheeks released two gorgeous prints this week! This of course makes the old chart obsolete, so I bring you the newest version of my signature AppleCheeks colour chart. I also threw in a bonus download of my sz 2 sac chart and the Limited Editions chronology.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life with two

Excuse me if this post has more than the average amount of typos in it, because I am not working under ideal circumstances. Right now, I am sitting in my bed with a baby on each side of me engaging in the mythical double nap. So I am slowly picking this out on my iPhone one letter at a time. You know why I am posting in bed? Because I have two kids.
Having two kids is great! Busy, super busy but great! However it does effect you in weird ways. My attention can no longer be focused exclusively on one kid, ever, this is likely why, combined with all my breastfeeding hormones, I have completely lost the ability to concentrate. I swear that if I am current responsible for both my kids (mostly my preschooler) I can't do basic math! Remember that blog post about hyper-vigilance that was floating around before? Yeah, she nailed it! My brain can't get through a long division problem without saying "where's Evie, what is she doing?".
I am going to calm this as my excuse for the slow down in blogging as well. You see Evie has mostly given up naps, and William is just learning to nap by himself. That means that mommy never had time to think in full sentences, let alone write them! By the end of the dag, when we pray that they have both gone to sleep, my brain is so worn down from all the brain buzzing, the last thing I can think about is an inspiring interesting post for all you lovely people.
So here I sit, between my sleeping children, having had a decent nights sleep because William actually slept 8 hours in a row!, trying to do my best. Really isn't "trying to do my best" the moral of the story when you have two littles, You balance what remains of your life with the happiness and safety of your children and just come up with the best combination. We all know something has to give eventually, and keys face it, most of the time it will be use doing the giving-up, but is it worth it? 100%!!! Everyday I will say yes! In a few years I can concentrate and write and pee by myself. But for now I will snatch some sane moments here and there, sometimes   sitting on my bed, typing into my phone, and I will just enjoy the sweet sound of my babies sleeping, Because  in a few years they won't want to snuggle me, or need me close for comfort and safety. One day my brain will grow back, for now I know that my heart has grown twice as big and is taking up some of that room.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The April Baby Bundle!

As I hinted at last month, I got to open my April Baby Bundle early, and so I have really had a chance to fall in love with it already! In my bag I got a set of boosters (great for overnight!) a sample of bum cream, a sample to teething oil (which ran away before I could try it waaaahhh) and of course my Mama-ssentials bag!

Before I got my Mama-essentials bag, my "mom" stuff was in a mini-sip floating around in my hobo bag with all the other storage sacs. It was good at containing the stuff, and I could always find it, I thought I was happy. Then I got the M-E bag. I thought "ok cool, it can replace the mini-zip" and went on my merry way. Little did I know how handy it was going to make itself.

It is go enough to hold all my little things and my wallet, my life and purse was greatly pared down when I became a mom, and this is now all I need!
I have:
-my wallet
-lip blam
-hand cream
-an extra hair elastic for Evie
Not to mention it makes an adorable set with my Hobo and lip balm holder from the February Baby Bag.

It took me about a week to being using the clip off to my advantage. If I needed to run into a store I would previously just grab my phone and wallet or just the card and run in. Then I would have to repack everything once I came out. Suddenly it occurred to me that it would be easier, not to mention more chic, to just unsnap my little bag and be on my merry way. I also adore the big wrist strap. Since I am almost always babywearing I love being able to put it around my wrist and have a free hand and free shoulders.

I hope you loved your April Baby Bag as much as me, and remember as always you can order yours from the Baby Bum. Don't miss out on a month of awesome custom AppleCheeks stuff and all around rainbows and awesomeness in your mailbox!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Snow-Dough party favours

Excuse me while I stand on my soap box for a minute. I think I said it last year, but it bears repeating. KIDS DONT NEED CRAPPY TOYS OR CANDY IN A TREAT BAG. But seriously most of those toys will go in the garbage within a week and fill up the landfills with more dumb plastic, and the candy is definitely not needed either. However I know it is expected, and I know some Mommies are strong enough to just omit the practice entirely, but nope, I give in to societal pressure. However I hope I have found a happy medium by sending home art supplies instead. 

One of the activities at her party was Snow-dough. It is incredibly easy to make and very fun to play with (once you get the bugger mixed up.) 
Just take
-1 part unscented hand lotion
-2 parts corn starch
and mix the dickens out of it, add more cornstarch if it is too sticky or a bit off water if it is too dry.

To save on waste and to drive send the mess to the other parent's houses I made little containers as part of the goody bags.

1. Add a strip of bling ribbon. It makes it pretty and grippy at the same time!

2.Measure out your top and print out a label of the appropriate size.

3.Stick it to some cardstock

and voila! An easy, thematic, pretty party favour!