Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our Birth Story part 2 (our postpartum stay)

When I last left you William had just made his arrival, but we still have 4 more days of our hospital stay to narrate, 4 whole days! So much for my desire to boot out of the place as soon as possible. He didn't quite reach the record of 5 days set by Evie, but with Jason splitting his time between the hospital and home, it felt much longer and much more lonely. But, lets begin at the beginning...

As you may have noticed if you counted out the time in the last post, William was born barely 3 hours after we arrived, which was an hour shy of the recommended dose of antibiotics administration.  Also as I did mention last time he had pooped in utero, so that was another strike against him. When he was born his initial apgar was only 1 (which I only found out about a couple days later, thank goodness or I would have been seriously freaked!) likely due to the fact that they do not encourage immediate crying in  babies with meconium present until after they are cleaned out. Thankfully after a brisk going over and suctioning he was up to 9 by 5 minutes and he was ready to meet us.  One of the moments I had missed dearly with Evie's birth was the initial skin-to-skin cuddles so I was over the moon when they suggested I hold him on my chest before I could even bring it up. I think DH knew how much it meant to me,  because after my desire had been satiated, I offered to share him and let Daddy have a snuggle, but he refused and left him right where he belonged. Perhaps as an indicator of the future, he had a fabulous latch right away and wanted to do nothing but nurse and he nursed for quite awhile.

When he was done they told me they wanted him down in the NICU for observation. I was obviously upset, but it was necessary. His initial tests also showed he had slightly low blood sugar and he was struggling to bring his body temperature up, both of which are apparently common in big babies, so he was admitted to their care. When I was dismissed from the delivery floor they offered to swing by the NICU, I quickly accepted and we rolled down for the visit. Upon arrival we got some great (for me) news. His sugar was stable now, but he was still cold, and would we like to try some kangaroo-care to bring him up? Of course I did, so they sent me to settle in my room and he was delivered soon after. I greedily held him tight to me and relished in the excuse to not share him with any of his grandparents and enjoyed his new baby smell.

Thankfully the NICU involvement really petered off from there, once everything stabilized they just monitored him and administered the occasional test. At 24 hours his blood draw showed a slightly elevated white cell count, so we were stuck for at least another day.  Then his 48 test came back normal but we missed dismissal in the process. Finally on the 4th morning we were released to go home to our little house!

Evie took the whole thing with remarkable ease. She stayed home with Daddy every morning and then visited with one of her Grandmothers each afternoon. Inevitably everybody piled into the room every evening and she got terribly over-stimulated and crashed in the car on the way home. But I guess that made it even easier for Daddy!

Anyway, thankfully we made it out with out anything too eventful, but it would have been nice to have done it a little quicker. I guess I should just resolve myself that the NICU loves my babies and we should always pack more clothing that we think we will need!

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