Friday, October 3, 2014

Visiting Labour and Delivery

I know that my last couple posts have been kind of PR rich, so hopefully I can make up for it with a really personnal post.

So today we got to take a fun journey to Labour and Delivery. I wasn't experiencing any labour signs but it was time to get a check-up on some symptoms. My feet have been swelling a lot the last couple weeks, but I am used to that as a late pregnancy symptom, but just the last couple days I have been experiencing "pitting edema" which basically means that when poked the swelling does not pop right back up. Now on its own this is not a terribly concerning symptom, but it is worth noting. Two Doctor's appointments ago my BP was a little high, but dropped down at my appointment 10 days ago. I did not have an appointment this week as the Dr was out of the office.  Combining these two symptoms and in consultation with some people who know what they are talking about, I headed over to the pharmacy to use their blood pressure cuff. When it returned a high result my Doctor suggested I should go get checked out. At the end of my pregnancy with Evie my BP was similarly high, so I am not unfamiliar with the whole issue.

So I completed some outstanding paperwork ,and threw the bags in trunk just in case, and headed in. We were hooked up to the monitors and had my BP checked again. It came back high-ish but not nearly as concerning as before. So we mostly just chill-axed on the monitors and had some bloods taken. The resident took a detailed history and gave my feet a through poking.

In the end it all turned out fine. My BP is borderline high so I have been scheduled for weekly fetal monitoring. I was monitored for the last month of my previous pregnancy so it isn't much of a surprise. Also while not begin on bed rest (though I am told that is no longer the "done" thing). I have been told to "take it easy and stay off my feet". Really that shouldn't be too difficult for me, as I have been winding down a lot in the last couple weeks, however I have a feeling my house keeping may go down the toilet ;)

What is interesting is that the event made me sort through all my emotions about the upcoming arrival. I realized that I am emotionally not ready for him to be here yet, which is utterly ridiculous because he will be here, at the absolute maximum, in three weeks. I have done everything necessary to prepare for him physically (I think??????????) I have all the clothes folded and all the diapers stuffed, but I guess that isn't all that you need to do. You would think that I would be ready considering that he is not our first child, but I guess I am not.

So hopefully know we can tuck in for the next little while and figure out how to emotionally prepare for our little boy.

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