Friday, September 26, 2014

Mom's Night Out Review

So this was supposed to be your standard, review and promote this new movie post, however it is more than that. This movie, while on the surface is absolutely hilarious and a serious good experience, it runs deeper than that it has a serious message of affirmation for all those moms in the trenches with me.

I spent the first part of the movie roaring with laughter as I watch catastrophe after catastrophe hit this poor Momma. If not for the fact that all of her children were older than any of mine, it could have been my life, in fact it could have been the life of any of SAHM. Wrangling kids, a house and a fledgling blog all at once? Hello mirror? Is that me? Then I saw myself again when she ended up hiding in the closet eating sweets looking wild-eyed. No not hiding from her kids, they were finally in bed, but hiding from life, hiding from her house. Haven't we all been there  at least metaphorically, if not literally? When you just can't take it anymore and you need to hide for a little awhile and we all know that chocolate sure is good company in that situation.

Now of course it takes her a movie full of comedic shenanigans to understand something very simple: "You are enough".  When you feel beaten down by all the work of life and all the chaos of raising young children, "you are enough". When you look at the tornado of toys and leftover food around you to feel the failure even keep order "you are enough".  Try to see the kids who are happily growing, see the fun behind the mess, see the days ahead when they will be too big and too distant to want you to play with them. I know this a grand and preachy message "easy to say, not easy to live" says you and you know what, I heartily agree. This is some seriously heavy stuff! We are all beaten down day by day, we are all struggling towards that bag of chocolate at the end of the day, and that my fiends is ok, this IS the trenches! But just try every once and awhile to stop and and take a step back, and breathe, take a moment and frame that sweet little drawing, take a moment and hug your sweet babies and just enjoy that soft, sweet hair. This is when you know that for real "you are enough" feel it in the intensity of that squeeze or the soft relaxation of that tiny body who is calmed completely just by begin with you.

I think I can honestly say that this is one of my new favourite movies. I love that it is both a clean comedy and a deep testament to real Motherhood. I challenge any Mom to watch it and not see themselves in at least one of the characters, heck I think I related to all three mamas at one time or the other. Do yourself a favour, rent it and watch it when you feel low. Heck buy it, so you have it right on hand for when you are heading into the closet with your chocolate, it goes great with chocolate.

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