Sunday, August 24, 2014

Water Infuser Review and Giveaway from CCDD

So as I mentioned in a previous post, being late in my pregnancy, I drink like a thirsty camel! I have found it hard to find enough different and appealing drinks to get me through the day while avoiding any artificial sweeteners. Well just like a magic fairy Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot dropped this Peace Love AppleCheeks fruit infuser bottle on my doorstep. This definitely offers a new option for my daily hydration. I have been interested in the idea of fruit infused water, but this definitely kicked my butt into gear!

It came with a cute little recipe book, but most of them are a bit too adventurous for me! I really like the idea of using frozen fruit as sort of an ice cube as it is seriously hot here and cold water is definitely appreciated. I am also excited to try cucumber water, I have had it before and enjoyed it. However I will have to wrestle some cucumber away from my toddler as she requests nearly 6 inches of cucumber a day.

I tried out the frozen berries first, as you can see, in these pictures were taken about an hour apart, the berries are clearly "infusing" efficiently. However I learned not to use frozen raspberries if you do not like bits in your water. the way there bottle is designed they water passes directly though the infuser to the mouth piece, so I got a little surprise several times.

Just to spread the AppleCheeks love a little further, CCDD has provided one $10 gift certificate, ear marked for AppleCheeks, to their store. Please use the entry form below to expand your love, or wet your feet with my favourite brand.

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