Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Out with the old...

So once upon a time I was a bit of a baby clothes hoarder, I swear I kept every piece of Evie's clothing! DH insists that after this little guy we are done, as he has a vision of a "perfect" 4 person family, so when we found out this baby was a boy it was time to clear it all out!

Evie's closet was literally bursting at the seams with all the baby stuff I had squirrelled away in there. Getting something out was like playing a game of tetris, it had to go back in just right! So I dug the 10 paper boxes of clothes down from her shelf and set to work. Task number one was sorting out the stained from the clean. It is amazing how those breastmilk spit-up stains just appear somehow while they are in storage, things that seemed fine when I put them away were now very sad looking indeed.

Surprisingly digging through all these little things did not have the emotional effect on me that I imagined it would. Though I have fond memories of her wearing these clothes, most of them went in the go pile with no hesitation. As it was I only saved about half a box, and it is mostly the handmade items that wouldn't really sell. Some of them have gone to live with a friend (and I must say she has excellent taste!) so I will get to see them on her sweet girl again.

The biggest task was of course getting everything sorted by size and photographed. I admit that I have not even finished that yet, there are still a couple laundry loads sunning on the line that have to be dealt with. It really is an overwhelming task, but thankfully the piles are heading out my door and diminishing as quickly as I add to them. My poor bedroom is taken over by boxes and the mess is driving me nuts! But I need them easily accessible and sorted if I am doing to try to do this efficiently.

The first benefit was the space, her closet suddenly has room to breathe! But of course the spending money doesn't suck either. I am pretty impressed with myself, in three days I have pretty much enough to purchase his crib. My next goal is some nice Aden and Anais to furnish that crib. Baby Brother is building quite the little piggy bank. I have been pinning up a storm if any of you are curious ;)

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