Thursday, July 31, 2014

Evie goes to VBS

Ahhhh Summer we have a love/hate relationship! I love all the fun we can have together and I hate what you do to my blog! I am so sorry I have been ignoring you, we have been too busy having fun! I promise to finally sit down and write the post I have been meaning to write for 2 weeks.

Last week we managed to get out of the house every single day! Sure we didn't so far, but Evie had a blast playing with her "big kids".  Normally she gets to go to two youth groups a week, so I think she was really missing them on summer break. She really thinks of the church as her second home and loves it when we have a chance to go visit Daddy. Sometimes it cause problems as she often forgets whether we are playing or have a serious visit.
Evie's "mugshot"

Of course hubster couldn't plan an entire weeks worth of activities in a day, so we have been hearing bits and pieces of what was in store for us for literally months! It was quite a tease having to wait for our fun. However I hear-by officially claim that I in fact came up with the genius name, not him ;)

Anyway moving on, each day was set up with a talk then a rotate through three stations: snack, craft and games. Evie was absolutely fascinated with the talk, she liked to listen to Daddy teach, but was clearly far more fascinated by the puppet! I swear she would have sat there all day hoping Joy would come back. Snack is of course a big hit with Evie because food has always been her favourite thing. She was surprisingly still for her craft time each day, some days she preferred to colour or just peel her crayons, but other days she impressed even me with her dexterity and dedication. Game time for Evie usually consists of chasing the other kids around with no goal in mind, but I don't care as it wears her out! We like playing with the biggest kids best as they have the best combination of ignoring her while still being careful not to knock her over.

 We had such fun playing with our big kids every day for a week! It was great to get Evie out to play with kids everyday and she was very ready for nap when we got home. It was also super nice for Mommy to see people everyday and just get out of the house. However there was a downside, of course after letting Evie play with unknown kids, she got a summer cold, and then shared it with everyone else in the house. Thankfully we are all feeling better now!

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