Thursday, July 31, 2014

Evie goes to VBS

Ahhhh Summer we have a love/hate relationship! I love all the fun we can have together and I hate what you do to my blog! I am so sorry I have been ignoring you, we have been too busy having fun! I promise to finally sit down and write the post I have been meaning to write for 2 weeks.

Last week we managed to get out of the house every single day! Sure we didn't so far, but Evie had a blast playing with her "big kids".  Normally she gets to go to two youth groups a week, so I think she was really missing them on summer break. She really thinks of the church as her second home and loves it when we have a chance to go visit Daddy. Sometimes it cause problems as she often forgets whether we are playing or have a serious visit.
Evie's "mugshot"

Of course hubster couldn't plan an entire weeks worth of activities in a day, so we have been hearing bits and pieces of what was in store for us for literally months! It was quite a tease having to wait for our fun. However I hear-by officially claim that I in fact came up with the genius name, not him ;)

Anyway moving on, each day was set up with a talk then a rotate through three stations: snack, craft and games. Evie was absolutely fascinated with the talk, she liked to listen to Daddy teach, but was clearly far more fascinated by the puppet! I swear she would have sat there all day hoping Joy would come back. Snack is of course a big hit with Evie because food has always been her favourite thing. She was surprisingly still for her craft time each day, some days she preferred to colour or just peel her crayons, but other days she impressed even me with her dexterity and dedication. Game time for Evie usually consists of chasing the other kids around with no goal in mind, but I don't care as it wears her out! We like playing with the biggest kids best as they have the best combination of ignoring her while still being careful not to knock her over.

 We had such fun playing with our big kids every day for a week! It was great to get Evie out to play with kids everyday and she was very ready for nap when we got home. It was also super nice for Mommy to see people everyday and just get out of the house. However there was a downside, of course after letting Evie play with unknown kids, she got a summer cold, and then shared it with everyone else in the house. Thankfully we are all feeling better now!

Monday, July 7, 2014


OMG we did it! We left our baby :'(

Up until now my little muffin has been stuck to my side like a little spider monkey. The longest we have left her was for an evening date, we have never even missed a nap or bedtime. She seemed pretty happy with this arrangement, she would hang out pretty happily with her grandparents until about 8 o'clock, when she was literally looking for her coat.

When we heard about East to West Christian music festival a few months ago, DH was all gung-ho to attend. I really liked the idea, but was super nervous, hoping she might be old enough once June rolled around. When I found out that he would be away most of the week before, I was really hesitant, I was sure we would completely traumatize her! Even after we bought our tickets there were several times I literally though "screw it, scrap the trip, I'm not leaving her!".  But then my practical side took over and we just did it.

On Thursday afternoon I kissed her to sleep for her nap with tears in my eyes wondering if she would be so very upset to be left behind. We had already left it pretty much as late as we could when we hopped into the car and headed for Shediac. We stopped to check into Hotel Shediac first and my breath was literally taken away by our awesome room! Because we left it a little to late, we ended up on the executive floor and I am not accustomed to such luxury. The bed was insanely soft and puffy and everything was so chic and monochromatic! I would have gladly picked up our room and dropped it into our house, so gorgeous!
We then bundled ourselves up and headed out for the concert grounds, but hindsight is 20/20 and we sooooooo should have brought our boots! Thankfully DH thought to grab our umbrellas and we were able to create tiny little rain cocoons to protect ourselves from the mostly light but persistent rain. The crowd was smaller and more intimate, but no less vigorous in their worship than what we were to see in the coming days. We nestled in to listen to all of the earlier acts in our little cocoons and managed to stay relatively dry. A stroll around to visit the vendors and information booths were a nice distraction in between acts and a plate of warm fries heated us from the inside out while we waited for the headlining performance of Jeremy Camp. Miraculously the rain gave up just as he was beginning so everyone was really ready to participate in his great performance. We returned to the hotel chilled and more than a little muddy but very, very pleased. We were very grateful for the oversized shower as we were able to wash down ourselves and our clothes all at once. I did my best to clean up our mess, but I still feel a little bad for the housekeeper as it was far from spotless!

Friday morning came far too early for us, we had a youth ministry conference to attend at 9:30 am! Thank goodness the hotel provided breakfast exceeded expectations and quickly got us on the road. We were a small group at the conference but were treated to some excellent speakers and a great personal worship set with City Harmonic. However as the field was still massively mushy and generally flooded from the night before, they found us a nice firm spot, but it was unshaded. As I sat unprotected in the sun for almost 3 hours of prime sun, I could feel myself cooking. Needless to say later in the day a very distinct burn emerged  on every uncovered part of my body, but it has made for some very entertaining tan lines!

After a quick stop back at the hotel, we check out the daily schedule the awesomeness of the evening performances necessitated an early supper, so we decided on a fools lunch! I saw at least three frozen yogurt shops in town and DH had been craving a particular blizzard on recommendation of a friend, so our lunch of champions consisted of ice cream! We then headed back to the grounds for a few hours to listen to a couple of the afternoon shows and stake a good spot for the evening show. I was a little reluctant to just leave them but my daredevil husband was sure it was a non-offence.

We headed out for a yummy supper on the town and enjoyed a little (relatively) quiet down time at this chic little resto-bar. After another quick layover at the hotel and a change into some warmer clothes we settled in for the big three acts of the evening. At this point the field was an unrecognizable mud pit and I would estimate that half the people had given up on shoes all together, we ended up going half way with cheap flip flops that dried instantly. As it got colder I started to really feel the chills from my sunburn but I was determined to stick it out as DH was having such a great time. Finally the Newsboys took the stage and the crowd went wild, there is nothing as infectious as an appreciative crowd! Though I was one of the few who stayed in my seat it was still a very great and very spirited night for everyone in attendance.

Saturday morning we were finally able to sleep in a little bit, but couldn't sleep too late, lest we miss that yummy breakfast. We quickly headed home as I was very anxious to squeeze my little girl and cuddle her down for her nap. We arrived home to a very happy little girl and some very exhausted grandparents.

Overall she apparently had a very good weekend. She had a bit of a hard time going down to sleep, but not nearly as bad as I feared, and she apparently slept half the night with my Mom on the first night. I wasn't too worried about her awake time as she loves hanging out with her grandparents, but I was pleased that the nights and nap didn't seem to be too traumatizing.

While I second guessed myself multiple times I am so glad we decided to go after all. Mommy and Daddy needed some away time for sure, and I think it did everyone some good to spend a little time apart. However I am not going to make a habit of it as it hurt my heart to be away from my squishy-cakes!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Out with the old...

So once upon a time I was a bit of a baby clothes hoarder, I swear I kept every piece of Evie's clothing! DH insists that after this little guy we are done, as he has a vision of a "perfect" 4 person family, so when we found out this baby was a boy it was time to clear it all out!

Evie's closet was literally bursting at the seams with all the baby stuff I had squirrelled away in there. Getting something out was like playing a game of tetris, it had to go back in just right! So I dug the 10 paper boxes of clothes down from her shelf and set to work. Task number one was sorting out the stained from the clean. It is amazing how those breastmilk spit-up stains just appear somehow while they are in storage, things that seemed fine when I put them away were now very sad looking indeed.

Surprisingly digging through all these little things did not have the emotional effect on me that I imagined it would. Though I have fond memories of her wearing these clothes, most of them went in the go pile with no hesitation. As it was I only saved about half a box, and it is mostly the handmade items that wouldn't really sell. Some of them have gone to live with a friend (and I must say she has excellent taste!) so I will get to see them on her sweet girl again.

The biggest task was of course getting everything sorted by size and photographed. I admit that I have not even finished that yet, there are still a couple laundry loads sunning on the line that have to be dealt with. It really is an overwhelming task, but thankfully the piles are heading out my door and diminishing as quickly as I add to them. My poor bedroom is taken over by boxes and the mess is driving me nuts! But I need them easily accessible and sorted if I am doing to try to do this efficiently.

The first benefit was the space, her closet suddenly has room to breathe! But of course the spending money doesn't suck either. I am pretty impressed with myself, in three days I have pretty much enough to purchase his crib. My next goal is some nice Aden and Anais to furnish that crib. Baby Brother is building quite the little piggy bank. I have been pinning up a storm if any of you are curious ;)

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