Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Travelling with Cloth

I often hear questions from cloth diaper users regarding camping or traveling in general. They are reluctant to take their stashes on the road and out of their at-home comfort zone. But to them I say why not!? You are making things more complicated than they need to be.

We started travelling with our AppleCheeks when Evie was 4 months old, we never considered not taking them with us. Our first trip was just an extended weekend, so it felt obviously natural to proceed as normal.  I guess this is when we patented our no nonsense travelling diaper system. We simply take one large storage sac with clean and one with dirty. I also of course bring an assortment of sz 1 sacs and all-purpose for each daily trip. I just pack my daily diaper bag as I would at home from my mobile stash instead of the typical set-up.

A couple months later we took our longest trip to date with our AppleCheeks, we took our six month EBF baby on a 7 day trip and used them the whole time. We used to covers as AI2 to help stretch them out over the entire week (we had fewer covers at this point) and just barely made it. As she was still EBF I took no extra care of the diapers but dropping the in the dirty bag. Of course I would not recommend leaving dirty diapers for a week under normal circumstances, as I am sure it is not good for them, but every once and awhile is not the end of the world.

I am sure you are worried that the dirty sac would be toxic, its really not that bad. We do draw it closed unlike at home, and once it is closed it is undetectable, even with dirties in it. I don't know how many times I have unknowingly reached for the wrong bag, only to get a stinky surprise when I open the wrong one. Of course we also use disposable liners, and dispose of them in the toilet like normal, so that greatly reduces the amount of solid waste in the bag.

Another common concern is the long drive. We experienced this ourselves when we took a 16 hour drive this past summer, while using our AppleCheeks the entire time. We drove up overnight so I simply gave her a double stuffed diaper like she would have had at home, no big deal. We drove home during the day so I threw my large bags in the bag and just packed my diaper bag like I would for a long day out, a small clean bag and a small dirty bag. easy peasy.

We also enjoy camping every summer. We typically don't do true rough camping, but have access to power and a water sources, however I never use a washer or sink of any kind. Again I think people are way over thinking this, we just proceed with out typical KISS system: dirties in one bag and clean in another. As long as your stash holds out, don't stress about it! We typically camp with another family, so for the past two summers we have had two babies consistent camping in cloth (say that 5 times fast!). Though our traveling stash is reduced down to nap and sleeping diapers we still use the same method. This is a picture of my stash from camping just this past weekend.

I think that we are psyching ourselves out when we think about travelling to with cloth. There is no need for disposables or even washing if you are only going away for a shortish time. As long as your stash will hold out, just proceed as normal and Keep Calm and Cloth Diaper on!

-By Erin Smith

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