Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The cheap and easy way to keep your toddler in bed.

The best kind of parenting is the simple cheap solutions you get from other Moms in the trenches.

When we first moved Evie into her toddler bed, she regressed to several wakings a night. We eventually determined that she might be falling out, so we began to research bed rails. I was a little on the fence for two reasons:
1. She had been in the bed for a week-ish at that point and I was pretty certain she would be stubborn about us adding a piece onto the bed and reject it.
2. I didn't really want to lay down $30 on an ugly piece of furniture

Then my Mommy friends came to the rescue! They suggested that I try a plain old pool noodle under the sheet and since we were headed to the dollar store  anyway that night I picked one up. The first couple nights it rolled off the edge of the mattress so I had to rig up a system of ribbons, but since then it has been great!

When we put her down now she could care less about the bump in her bed, I often find her with her back pressed right up against it. She has returned to waking only rarely in the night and never falling out. For the $1 it cost me, I am extraordinarily pleased with my simple Mommy hack and thank goodness for cheap and easy advice!
-By Erin Smith

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