Monday, May 12, 2014

Baby names are driving me crazy!

I have always been fascinated by names and name trends, I wait with baited breath every year for the new lists. The problem is I never really like any of the names. I mean they are certainly not terrible, and would be cute for someone else's kids, but they are not for me. We always joke that it took us more than 5 years to name Evie, but the sad fact is it is no joke at all. We have only agreed 100% on one name in our entire 12 years together, and good thing she was a girl because a boy would have been nameless! I was lucky enough to have her name just fall into my lap, but that doesn't seem likely with this baby.

This week the American census results were released and I hoped for a some new inspiration but of course received none. Though I will  admit I have always had a fondness for Noah, but any inkling that way was for sure knocked out of the water by it's new rank as number 1. I find it curious to compare the US and Canadian lists, there are strong correlations, but they are by no means parallel. We all admit that our culture is heavily influenced by US culture, but demographics are for sure different. The most obvious example to me is Evelyn. In the US it is currently at number 20, and set to rise, in Canada it is lingering down at 60. Locally at least I have never met another Evelyn under the age of 60.

An acquaintance introduced me to this tool (Time Baby Name Predictor) today and I admit I am fascinated! It allows you to graph the past and future popularity of a name and then overlay it with up to 6 others. I may waste several hours on this later!

Our top three boy names.

My basic problem with baby naming is that I am super picky. I have a list of rules which I have yet to find a pair of names which meet these qualifications.

1. May not be in the top 10, preferably the top 50 names (and yes this one eliminates my very favourite boy name!)
2. Must have a formal full name and shorter fun nickname (think Evelyn/Evie)
3. Most important of all, I have to like it! A lot of names just rub me the wrong way.

And so our up coming new arrival is completely nameless with just a couple weeks until we find out the gender, but at least then we will know which category to concentrate on! This is causing me some serious stress! I cannot find anything at all that I love! We have a short list of liked names for boys, but absolutely diddily for girl.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Please comment with them, I am so open to suggestions! Please drop the perfect name into my lap!

-By Erin Smith

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