Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AppleCheeks beach party!

* I have no knowledge of what the heck in these packages, your guess is as good as mine, I base my opinions only on a serious obsession with AppleCheeks and deep conversation with lbeazol

So I think everyone in the civilized world knows that the newest AppleCheeks limited edition release is happening tomorrow and par for the course the internet is abuzz with ideas about what the heck the new colour could be! I of course, just like you all, love to play this game every time. I have a pretty decent record of predicting the colours, but for sure not perfect (LH caught me way off guard). AppleCheeks has brought us so much wonderful variety over the years, that there is starting to be that there are only a few colours we really "need" now.

So the way I figure it there are really only two possibilities for this release (ok maybe there is a slim third), if it is going to be "beachy".

1.When coriander left the line-up and Forget-me-not was gradually phased to a try light blue it did leave a hole in the line-up. This makes for my first and surest prediction  is for light blueish green.   Besides the obvious lack in the rainbow, I see a couple other hints: there has been a lot of blue used in the imagery for the party, and blue would look fab with that awesome sun shaped "C" that I dare to hope will be on a special tag. I think we have all realized that AppleCheeks is rarely too far off the mark when they stylize the imagery for the event. The release for LE was black, and PAI was pink, we need to pay attention!

2. The second option could be some kind of pale orange or saturated peach colour. There is for sure a lack of warm colours in the line-up so I think it would be fabulously received for the most part. However I think they might be cautious about releasing another colour which some people might say leans towards girly after the fantabulous that was the valentines release.

3. There is a small possibility it could be something distinctly beachy like a sand coloured diaper with blue snaps. But I don't really see that happening. Maybe they will throw sand snaps on the blue diaper, but a sandy PUL'ed diaper leans a little to close to dingy storm for my taste.

Anyway, now that you have heard my schpeal, what do you think it is going to be? Do you have any other predictions? Are you going to be doing anything special for the release tomorrow?

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