Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why you won't see any Easter decorations at my house

If you came to my house now, or anytime in the coming weeks, you will not see a single bunny rabbit, fluffy chick or painted egg. Well now, don't I sound like the Easter Scrooge?! Nope I love Easter, it is one of the most meaningful and celebratory holidays of the year and we will celebrate it joyously, however between now and then there is one important barrier; Lent.

From Ash Wednesday through until Holy Saurday, we observe Lent. I admit we are not the most stringent observers. We do not abide by any special dietary or conduct rules. We do however try to be mediative and conscious of the time of trials we are remembering. I wish to be a more deep observer of this time, but unfortunately the chaotic life with a toddler often gets in the way.

However one thing I can do is save the celebration of Easter for it's own special moment. We will not be dying eggs, decorating our easter tree or putting up window clings (ok never mind I would never use them anyway!) until sunset on Easter Sunday. Easter is a triumph over death and sin, but how affecting can this celebration be if we dilute it with a slow and gaudy introduction. Contrast is the essence of the effect of the Easter season. The trepidation of Maundy Thursday, followed by the despair of Good Friday and the waiting of Holy Saturday all build to create the adoration and exultation which we need for a true appreciation of Easter.

There is another simple reason you will not see a lot of Bunnies running around here: we do not adore the Easter Bunny.  I feel like this is a very similar post my opinions on Santa Claus, but here it is. Will the Easter Bunny bring some treats to Evie while she is small? Yes. Will we make a big deal of it? No. Will we use the Easter Bunny as a parenting tactic ("Be good or the bunny won't come!")? Absolutely not, not ever! The Easter Bunny is cute and sweet, but is not the icon of Easter, he is a little commercial (and originally pagan) symbol which has piggy backed on the holiday.

However you will see plenty of Easter eggs. We will teach about what the egg represents. The egg is rebirth and new life, just as Jesus was risen on Easter morning to give us new life. That is the essence of Easter at our house, it is about Jesus's suffering and triumph! Not about a hokey commercial holiday of excess. 

I know that this is probably not the way that many of you celebrate, but maybe I have planted a seed in your mind which will have you think about your actions this Lent and in the coming Easter season. What will you children remember from year to year? What was your focus?

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