Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The first 15 weeks of my pregnancy

I know it wasn't nice of me to keep all of you out of the loop for so long, so I will try to make it up by filling in the gaps! Aside from a few vague-book updates, I tried to keep it on the down-low until we got some confirmation of a (hopefully) good outcome.

5 weeks
I frankly "knew" I was pregnant very very early. When I became pregnant with Evie, it was the only time in my life I have ever had spotting, I did not have any with this baby, but for two days I was very crampy. Because I love to count on my little fingers I had a pretty good guess what was going on and then almost immediately the nausea began! With my previous pregnancy I had a little bit but nothing compared to this time.  By three and a half weeks I was getting nauseous everyday, and I knew what was going on. I had all the symptoms and was driving myself nuts as it took a full week longer to get a positive test.

I spent then next three weeks trying to pretend I was not feeling sick and wearing gigantic clothes to cover up my massive bloat! My belly was ridiculously big for 4 weeks! Fortunately it went down quite a bit and we were able to make it to our family announcement at 7 weeks without too many people guessing.

The nausea persisted until just a couple weeks ago, fortunately I was luck enough to never actually be sick, but a couple times I wasn't quite sure! I acknowledged that it was definitely worse when I was forgetting to eat, but it is very difficult to get those first couple bites in when you are already nauseated.

12 weeks
Really I am blessed to have had no other difficult symptoms. I mean, there was the typical tiredness, and general discomfort, but though this pregnancy was more difficult than my last in the beginning, it was still pretty easy! Now being into my second trimester I feel pretty good and pretty normal again.

I was planning to tell you all at around 12 weeks, along with the rest of the online world, but we had a couple scary weeks. From week 11 until 15 we were unable to detect the baby's heartbeat. There was a host of good reasons why we might not be able to track the little wiggler down, but it planted a scary moment of doubt in my heart. This is went my blogging went south and I sent out those vague book updates. My mind was consumed and I had little motivation to write about anything else. Almost two weeks ago, I was able to fleetingly hear a heartbeat for a couple seconds, so that provided a bit of reassurance. We had an ultrasound last Thursday and I was able to see the baby was alive and literally kicking, so I was very comforted and ready to share our news.

At out ultrasound they bumped by due date back by a week, I was pleased by this result as it made more sense with my own calculations. My GP did not agree than even intensive charting could prove a change in conception date, and that all pregnancies should be exclusively calculated by LMP, so I am pleased to be right ;) . I actually think that a full week move is a little large, but I would rather this baby come a little "early" than end up being pressured into an early induction.

Well, I hope that kind of sums things up for you, please feel free to ask any questions here on on FB and I will try to answer them. I promise to keep you better informed from now on. In a few short weeks we will be finding out the sex of this baby, so I know you will all be waiting with baited breath!

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