Friday, April 18, 2014

T-shirt hacking

With the release of the new AppleCheeks t-shirts, interest has been renewed in my previous AC t-shirt hack. So ask and you shall receive!

My project began out of necessity. I misread the ordering instructions and ended up with a unisex shirt much too large for me. Now I am not a t-shirt person anyway (something about those collars makes me feel confined) so I decided to mix it up. I headed over to Pinterest and scoped out some ideas.

Step one was to lay out on top of it a women's cut t-shirt that I knew was a good fit. I cut the sides down using it as an example, while leaving a couple inches for the seams. I also cut off the sleeves.

Next I started experimenting with this cool braiding technique I found. Basically you cut small vertical slits and then thread one loop through the next hole. This creates the illusion of a braid. The further apart you make the slits the more gathering will occur and the thicker your braid will be. I used a very small braid on the neck and a medium on the shoulders to create this look. This technique also causes the salvage to roll over and "finishes" the garment. I love the way the shoulders look with the braid on either side, it created a subtle gather that looks so girly.

As a last minute addition I created a scabby-chic flower to go on the shoulder. These are also super simple to make. Take a long strip of fabric, fold it in two lengthwise and run a hand gathering stitch all the way along. Then pull the string tight the gather it. It will naturally form a swirl and you just need to finesse it a bit to get the look you like and sew it together.

Here is my entire t-shirt hack pintrest board, I encourage you to check it out see if you find any inspiration there for yourself. Please share your final creations with me, so we can all be inspired by each other!

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