Thursday, April 10, 2014

How I tortured a lovey (or my ingenious new wash routine)

Sometimes I have genius moments, not that often, but sometimes. Growing up my Mom washed and dried my stuffed animals weekly to clear the allergens. Needless to say they soon became kind of beat-up looking.  Evie is in love with her penguins and they are so nice and soft I didn't want to see them ruined. The other day one of them suddenly needed a bath, so I tried to improvise.  I gave her a gentle hand washing in the sink with lingerie detergent and left her to drip dry. Well that was a no-go, when I came the next morning she was just as wet as the night before, I needed a new plan!

That is when genius struck! We have a dehumidifier which has been sitting unloved all winter, it was time to put that sucker to work! I elevated the penguin and tented her to keep the moisture level high and the sensors on.  When I came back in a couple hours and she was already drying out quite a bit,  was pretty much dry by nap time and completely dry by supper. I gave her a quick fluff with the baby brush and she was as good as new. OK maybe not as new, but she was whiter than before!

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