Tuesday, April 8, 2014

City grips and City hooks review

Choppie was nice enough to send me some of their stroller accessories, and are even more generous in offering some to you as well!

CityGrips are simple handle covers for your stroller, which are available in two models at the moment: single bar, and double handle. They provide a bit of cushion and style for your stroller and are available in numerous colour and pattern options, so you are sure to be able to match your stroller.  They are easy to apply and adjust with a velcro strip fastener running the length of the grip. The bar on my stroller is already padded so I didn't notice a great difference in comfort, but they sure do look cute!

CityHooks allow you to attach your baby bag right to the back of your stroller so you have easy access.  They come two in a pack to support a large diaper bag, but I used a single one to hold a smaller diaper clutch. They are basically a plastic hook attached to a ring of velcro. I do like that they were an open hook, which allowed me quicker access than a closed clip. However I find the hook itself to be a little clunky, and well, plastic. So overall all the points for usefulness, not so many for style.

 Now it is your turn! Please enter to win a set of each for your stroller!

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