Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maple Hills Dryer Balls review

 Maple Hill Naturals were nice enough to send me a set of dryer balls to review for you lovely people. They are a sweet little company who works with all local materials and have a labour force of WAHMs employed (which is always a major plus in my book!)

 Their dryer balls are made exclusively with locally (to their headquarters in IN) sourced wool with no irritating chemicals or dyes. You can choose to have them scented with all natural essential oils for just a little more punch. Mine is scented with lemon EO and I love it! It is not cough drop-y or lemon cleaner-y just a really really nice light scent.

 What is the idea behind Dryer balls anyway? Dryer balls help agitate the load around your dryer so they do not clump up and thereby dry more quickly. I was sent the 4 pack which I think is great because they say you need at least 3 to balance the load, and I inevitably find one one in my basket of to-be folded laundry, but I know that I am still covered as that still leaves 3 in the dryer

I see the greatest improvement when I dry the inserts of my cloth diapers. Because they are so fabulously  thirsty they get seriously wet in the wash process and take some time to dry. I really do think these speed up the process

Overall I really like these dryer balls and would recommend them to anyone who is on the fence about purchasing them.

Because Maple Hill Naturals are so awesome, they are offering all of you 25% off your entire purchase with the code EKESMOM! I think that is pretty great.

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